Sunday, May 2, 2010

Home Alone

Anna June is with her Nana. Ben is not home, either. I have the house to myself. So, I'm blogging? Yes, and eating ice cream straight from the carton. (Multitasking, right?)

AJ started screaming before we left the church parking lot because the cushion in her car seat is bothering her. It has been bothering her for a while now. The other day, I got the bottom cushion out in the school parking lot for the same reason - AJ didn't like it, and she screamed. But knowing I couldn't get the top cushion out without removing the whole seat, I let it be. Until today.

I promised AJ, if she would just stop screaming, I would (as soon as we completed the 3 minute drive from church to the house) remove the whole thing and try my best to get the cushion off. It did extract it from the vehicle. But I couldn't get it out. So we went inside with our bags, etc.. I turned around to bring the car seat into the house where I could mess with it further and pull out the manual, but AJ didn't like that I was going back outside without her, and, as you may have guessed, this led Radar to escape.

Now, I was the one who was screaming. So I did what everyone else does when the going gets tough, I called my mama. She dropped what she was doing and came right over, as I explained to her that Ben was unavailable and she had the only other car seat in the family. I couldn't drive around the neighborhood with AJ without reinstalling the thing again. So she and AJ rode behind me while I chased my stupid dog. Eventually, we caught him because he stopped to throw up. (Dear neighbors I don't know, please excuse the dog vomit in your yard. I hope that the rain comes soon and washes it away before you notice. K THX!)

Mom said as she drove up the driveway, "You do realize I'm taking AJ with me as a fee." I said that was fine - I understood. I need the time away from AJ to recover from my stress headache (on a Sunday)! I told her to feed her and see if she'd nap or else bring her home so she could nap here. I haven't heard from them, but I am forcing myself not to call as no news is good news.

I have now managed to remove the cushion that has so vexed my child, but I am still unclear on as to how to put the "rear cover" back on, which took all my strength, two fingernails and a butter knife to get off. I screamed with victorious delight, as if I had made a slam dunk in the NBA - in your FACE piece of PLASTIC!
The main reason Radar has been escaping so much is that we no longer have a storm door on our back door, the main entrance of our house. The wood around the door frame is too rotted to support it. So we have expensive repairs awaiting our attention. But until then, if he keeps escaping, we may lose our minds.

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Rita Cooner said...

Grandaddy fed her lunch, read books and got her ready for a nap. She slept for two hours. I tried to comment on this earlier, but forgot a step! Love, Nana