Monday, May 3, 2010

Barbie and BBQ

Anna June started asking in the middle of last week to go to McDonald's, so I let her go Saturday with her dad when I was busy. They had a good time, but her Happy Meal came without a toy. Ben notified them, and sure enough, Anna June was given a toy: a miniature Barbie with a surfboard that doubles as a comb.

This is AJ's first Barbie. I didn't really want her to have Barbies, as I think they are ridiculous and have never been too fond of them. But seeing as how she loves dolls, it was inevitable. I just hate that her first one came from Ronald McDonald instead of someone else.

She loves the Barbie. Barbie came with her everywhere, from church to Rusty's BBQ. Anna June got her hair in pigtails, and Barbie had to get a ponytail. She freaked out when she thought the comb was missing. It was pointed out that AJ has the same color hair that Barbie does. Barbie uses the bathroom (or doesn't make it in time, depending).

Barbie wasn't allowed to come to school this morning. AJ will have to wait to see her until tonight.

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