Friday, April 30, 2010

Putting it Together

Anna June's teachers like to make "puzzle pieces" and show the kids how to put them together, then see how they do when it comes time to glue them down. As you can see, above, Anna June does a pretty good job.

She can also put together lots of pieces of information in her head and reason quite well now. Perhaps this is what makes her so frustrated when things aren't going exactly right.

But this morning she busted out with several things that made me laugh, marvel, and shake my head:

She told me to go away when I was trying to get her up for school. She was "too tired".

She told me "You not have take me to school today." She then asked for Daddy to take her, but he was running to late to do it. (I promised her a date with Daddy tomorrow, instead.)

She makes declarations like "I wearing big girl panties today!" and "I want Gatorade juice."

While she was using the bathroom this morning, I told her she had a good night. I said, "You only woke up one time. You were thirsty so I gave you a sip of water. Then you went back to sleep." She said, "I believe that!"

After that, she gave me my first outfit disapproval. It is casual Friday, and I have on some dark jeans, a black top, and black heels. It is probably one of the most stylish ensembles I own. Anna June asked, "You still in your jammies, Mommy?" I said, "No, I am wearing this to work. These are my blue jeans. I can wear them to work on Fridays." She said, "No you can't!" and laughed at me. She wanted me to change clothes, immediately. I told her no. (Because I am the mommy, right?)

Instead, she wanted to wear high heels like me. So I let her wear her Snow White dress-up high heels around the house while we finished getting ready and eating breakfast. When I was taking them off of her to put on her sneakers, I asked, "Do you remember who gave you these high heels for Christmas? Grandma Annette. She knows you love to dress up." Anna June said, "Yep! I sure do!"

In trying to help her brush her teeth, I tried the old elephants-are-in-your-mouth trick. I said, "Oh, is that Hoo Ha in your mouth? She doesn't belong in there!" She said, "Hoo Ha belongs in the jungle!" and opened her mouth for me to brush.

When we were leaving, she told Radar, "Don't get out again!" (He's been darting out the door and roaming around Crestwood more frequently than we'd care to acknowledge.) Then I said, "Yes, Radar, don't get out again. You stay in the house and be a good boy, you understand?" And AJ said, "He understands!" and nodded her head for emphasis.

I know that there are other children who speak very well and understand abstract concepts at this age, but it baffles me that this kid is a little grown-up already. Pretty soon she'll be in medical school.

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