Thursday, April 22, 2010

National Volunteer Week

I read somewhere that this is National Volunteer Week, so I decided to initiate Anna June into some volunteerism. Actually, it probably doesn't qualify as volunteering if your mom makes you do it. But I think it is good for children to participate in giving back, even at age 2. (I also recently read that someone asked, "Why wasn't there a drug problem when we were kids?" The answer was: "We did! We were drug to church, drug to help the neighbors, and if we were bad, we were drug behind the woodshed!" But I digress.)

Sometime in March, I was asked to be our division's solicitor for the UAB Benevolent Fund campaign. The campaign runs the whole month of April, and our division has about 250 people in it. I said yes before I really knew what I was getting in to! One of the things we're supposed to do is to thank people who gave last year. Right before Easter, I got the idea that I would send Easter eggs as thank you notes...decorate plastic ones and stick a slip inside with a "thank you" on it. Then, because Easter eggs are hard to put in interoffice envelopes, I decided that I would enlist the world's cutest, most adorable helper to bring her Easter basket and help me deliver them to those on the list. I planned to do this on Good Friday, when AJ was out of school, but I wasn't ready in time.

I made up about 64 eggs, and yesterday, Anna June came with me to work. She was so excited and happy. She even suggested that she wear her Easter dress! She wasn't very shy, and she caught on to exactly what I wanted her to do right away. It took longer than I thought, because folks wanted us to stay and visit.

About halfway through, a sweet lady decided to give AJ a piece of candy, which I wouldn't let her eat right away. From there on out, at just about every stop we made, AJ asked me, "We go back your office eat candy now?" It was pure torture for her to have to wait, but she did, so the stickiness caused by the Tootsie Roll pop didn't interfere with her delivery duties.

(Photo above: Anna June hands an egg to my friend Dianne.)

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