Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hair Here and There

Anna June's hair is getting longer. It gets in her mouth. It gets caught by the clump in the comb. She still doesn't like to have bows or things in her hair too often, but she's certainly becoming more aware of her hair.

This morning, in her crib, before she even got up, she said, "My hair not perfect today."

Well, it's not! It is frizzy from all the humidity and rain, but I did manage to comb it and it looks a little better than it did.

I hope she's not getting a complex about it. Everywhere we go, people still say, "Look at that hair!"

(Above, with Natalie, waiting for the carousel.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That picture of little friends is Sweet, sweet, sweet! Love It!!!!

PLEASE DON'T GET ANY IDEAS ABOUT A HAIRCUT!!!!!Even if her hair were straight, even with clips and bows, it would still get in her face, and eyes and mouth. The only way to prevent that is to give her a "BOY HAIRCUT", .......you wouldn't do that to her would you??? Tell her that Granny says that her hair is GLORIOUS!!!!! because it is!!!( How does she even come up with a comment like that , anyway:("My hair's not perfect"!!) I am ENTHRALLED AND ENCHANTED BY HER HAIR, her GLORIOUS HAIR! Love, Granny Annie