Saturday, April 24, 2010


Before Anna June officially grows out of these shoes, I thought I'd get her in this adorable alligator outfit brought to her by Granny Annie. Note the matching barrettes and purse. I thought I'd better get a snap before we go out in the rain to the library. I think the purse will be used to tote the barrettes. She's averaging about 15 minutes of keeping things in her hair these days.


Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you dear Laura , for letting me see! She looks SO cute!That girl is just growing TOO FAST!!!! She looks taller already in this picture than from when I was just down there. I can't figure out her aversion to hair bows and clips ... you'd think that by seeing Sipsy and Drew and others wearing the bows, that she would WANT to also! Ah, well, the June Bug will march to her own drum, I guess!And more power to her for it!!! Give "the lady with the alligator purse' a hug for me!!!Love, Granny

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful pic! Those cheek bones look kissable! She is turning in to such a little more baby face in some pics! Miss you all soooooo much!

Auntie Nonny