Saturday, February 27, 2010

Help Help

Whenever Anna June needs something, she cries, "Help! Help!"

She was accompanying me to the bathroom yesterday. To divert her attention I pointed out that her doll, Helen, was missing her diaper. AJ declared she was "poopy" and needed the wipes. I told her that when I last saw them, the baby doll wipes were on the floor in my room. The baby gate was up (a fact that I didn't remember). She cried "Help Help!"

I was indisposed at the moment, and I said, "Anna June, I can't help you right now." She said, "I ask Radar help me." I told her that was a good idea. I heard her a minute later, "Radar! Help me! I need wipes. Help Help!" Then she came back and reported, "I ask him."

She loves that dog!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Not Yet

After breakfast yesterday, when I had some time to spare since we were going to get Anna June's second H1N1 flu shot (no appointment necessary), I decided to tidy up a little by washing the dishes, forgotten the night or two before due to our crazy schedule. Anna June wanted to help.

For a change, I decided to let her. There was nothing breakable in the sink...just some pots and pans and a lot of plastic things. She pulled up a chair and got to work, filling and refilling her favorite sippy cup with sudsy water. I stopped her from drinking it. She was occupied a long time, splashing water all over her pajamas and playing. I thanked her for helping, and it really didn't take that long.

This morning, we had a repeat performance - we had all crashed soon after dinner last night so the pots and pans were still sitting there staring at me this morning. Anna June, tired of her cereal, decided to help again. This time, I wasn't as vigilant about the contents of the sink, since I had no idea that she'd want to assist.

When she picked up a small ceramic bowl, I said, "Be careful with that, Anna June. It's breakable." I'm sure she was listening to me, but it was slippery and she dropped it back into the sink with an "Uh-oh." She immediately picked it back up. I was busy washing something else, and I barely looked over there and asked, "Is it broken, Anna June?"

"Not yet!" she said.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Healthy Choice

Anna June had an incident at school yesterday where she was offered cheese crackers and refused them by throwing them on the floor. I talked to her about it, and I talked to her teacher. The teacher said the reason AJ didn't want them was that there was a box of raisins in the cabinet that she could see, but belonged to another teacher and AJ couldn't have them. She was mad she couldn't have the raisins, which are, in my mind, a healthier option than the crackers.

Meanwhile, Anna June named the bunny she was given at church "Milk" because she had spilled milk on him immediately prior to being asked what we should name him. Unfortunately, Radar thought the bunny was actually a gift for him, and Milk was seriously injured and thrown away. It had been several days, and I thought we were in the clear - AJ has so many toys she doesn't know what to do. But last night she asked for Milk to go night-night on the floor next to her crib.

I said, "Anna June, I have to tell you something. Radar ate Milk. I had to throw him away. But look, you have lots of other bunnies. Do you want another bunny."
"Uh-huh," she sadly replied.
I gave her the bunny that has a button embroidered where his belly button would be. He is bigger than the original Milk, but like the other one, he is pink.
I said, "What is this bunny's name?"
"Milk!" she said.

So, I think we dodged a bullet on that one - it could have been a major bedtime meltdown. But she was fine, and went to sleep with Milk, Jr. tucked under her arm.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The B Word

Three times in the past 12 hours, Anna June saw fit to completely remove her pajamas. I don't really know what the fascination is, except that she has learned how to unzip them successfully.

She did it the last time this morning I was in the shower and Ben was awakened by Anna June calling out, "I have boobies!"

He ran in there to check on her, shirtless, and then she pointed out "Daddy have boobies, too!"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This morning, AJ thought she was just going to get a new pair of undies on, but I went ahead and changed her into her school clothes. She expressed her displeasure by saying, "Anna June stay in nightgown." She tried to put it back on. So I came to the idea of letting her wear her gown over her clothes while we ate breakfast, serving as a giant bib as well as the appeaser of the moment. It worked beautifully, as you can see.

Also, speaking of compromises, it has been brought to my attention that having a blog and disclosing so much information about Anna June poses a security risk. So, instead of taking the whole thing down, as soon as I can figure out how, I am going to require everyone to register in order to view the blog. When I get it to that point, if you can't see the blog, just give me a call and I'll try to talk you through it. I'm shooting for tomorrow.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Terrible Two

AJ will be two years old in a couple of weeks. Before you get all nostalgic on us, we can't believe she's that old, either. I feel like I just was having morning sickness, and all of a sudden I have a two year old. AJ is definitely in the terrible twos. She whines and complains about almost any thing. She likes to have choices, but doesn't like any of her choices.

But on the bright side, she comes up with new things that make us laugh.

After trying and failing to use the potty, she says "Maybe waiter" (maybe later).

She actually told me that she was pretending while she was playing. "I pee-tending, Mommy!"

She does not like to listen to music in the car, unless it involves her singing. "Too wowd!" and "I not wike dat moosic, Mommy!" But if we insist on playing something, most of the time she will just sing her song right over it. Imagine REM or Tom Petty out sung by Anna June, "Baa BAA BACK SEEP! HAB OOO ANEEE WOO?"

I asked if she wanted some coffee cake this morning for breakfast. She was all excited, thinking we were going to make some more. She dragged her chair to the kitchen island. I told her, no, we already made it yesterday. She then was so upset she refused to eat it, opting for waffles instead.

During lunch yesterday, she looked at me and asked, "Night night time?" Yes, I said, hallelujah, it is night night time. (But then she took over an hour to go to sleep, taking all the clothes off her doll, needing a diaper change, etc.)

I'm trying to enjoy this phase! But sometimes, when she talks back, we wonder why we work so hard on her vocabulary!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend...Almost Over...

AJ and Drew, playing AJ's favorite game, "Go Night Night."

AJ and Helen, her/my doll

I have no idea where this weekend has gone. Anna June has worn us out. I'm trying to think of the highlights, and I'm too tired! Here's goes:

Friday night - AJ stayed for a while with my Dad and brother Drew while Ben and I went to dinner and then visited my Granddaddy Elwyn in the hospital. AJ had a great time. She ate a good dinner, behaved well, and eventually took a bath.

Saturday morning - clearly the best time of the weekend - Anna June had a play date with her friend Drew. It has been a while since AJ has had a play date, and she hasn't had one with one of her school classmates at their homes ever. Both girls were ridiculously excited and cried when we had to leave. They had a GREAT time! They shared pretty well (for a while, until they got tired). They were so sweet, running around.

Saturday afternoon -we ran errands. Not very exciting, but we bought a cheap plastic ball that was on sale at KMart. We were pretty happy to be enjoying the great weather, so we played as a family outside with our new toy. Within five minutes, the ball popped on a thorn. Luckily, there was another one we bought (it was to be for a gift, but to appease Anna June, we changed the plan). So now we have a giant pink ball to trip over.

Saturday night - we had dinner at Rusty's BBQ, even though Rusty wasn't there. Delicious as usual. My uncle Chip came by, too. So over the course of the weekend I saw, briefly, 2 grandparents, a great aunt, 3 aunts, 4 uncles, and 4 cousins. AJ entertained Uncle Chip while he waited for his food by singing the ABCs. For the first time, this week, AJ said her ABCs without missing any letters. It was the #1 hit at our house this weekend. In fact, this afternoon, she was singing it at the top of her lungs when she was supposed to be going down for a nap.

Sunday morning - Anna June helped me make a crumb cake from a mix. She was upset that I wouldn't let her help like I should have. I was pretty exasperated after I cleaned up an egg she dropped on the floor (shooing Radar away) and tried to keep her from breaking the measuring cup. It was a relief when we finally went to church as usual.

Sunday afternoon - we played outside again, this time using her sidewalk chalk. It was finally warm and dry enough to try it out. She liked it! I made it to the grocery store while she and her daddy napped. We went to the library.

Sunday night - I made dinner, but had to wait to eat it, as AJ sat on my lap - refusing to sit in her high chair again. The #2 hit at our house is the song from Barney, "I love you, You love me." She sang it in the bathtub about ten times in a row. It is climbing up the charts. But she doesn't sing the first line. She just busts out with "You love me! We're a happy family!" It is a good thing she reminds me of that...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bonus Friday Post

This is the real SRG reporting. I dropped Anna June off at daycare this morning. In the car on the way over I was asking her if I could go to "school" for her today and get her to cover me at work. She kept shaking her head no and saying "silly Daddy."

There was a welcoming committee of about four daycare teachers congregating in the hallway when we arrived (we were early). All four made a big deal out of AJ's arrival, as usual -- she loves the attention. I left AJ with them and went into her classroom to put away her coat and sign in. When I came back out Anna June, without prompting, in a loud, authoritative voice, pointed at me and said "DADDY GO WORK!! DADDY GO WORK!!". This made all the teachers lose their composure... "You tell him, girl!" and "She wants that money, Daddy" were some of the comments I heard in between laughs as I headed out the door.... To go to work....

At Least I Can Show You Some Artwork

There's not a whole lot to report around Anna June's house, which is a good thing. There's still the perpetual runny nose, and waking up in the middle of the night. She is not sleeping nearly as long or as well as we'd like, but she's growing, eating, and playing like a normal kid.

We went to pick Radar up from the vet yesterday. I told AJ where we were going, and she said, "I want my Radar back!" So she got him.

Ding Ding the teddy bear ate dinner with us, sitting in AJ's high chair. AJ gave her the cheese off her hamburger to eat.

According to her daily report, "Anna June enjoyed making her book and playing house with the dolls." So I thought I would show you the book. The I'm not sure how George Washington Carver, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. would feel about being colored orange and purple by almost-two-year-olds, but I hope they would be honored. They are so very important to not only black history but to Alabama history as well.

AJ also brought home a mobile of Washington and Lincoln - that one her Daddy called dibs on. Although we hope she becomes a doctor (she is fascinated by all things medical), it wouldn't be so bad if she were a historian.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gober and Ding Ding

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of pictures of Anna June. My house is a wreck, and in one part of it sits my digital camera and in another part sits my rechargeable batteries. I promise this weekend to get them together to try to get some shots to upload. But for now, this will have to do.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to clean Anna June's room. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get rid of much, but I did fill a box with some stuffed animals and hide it elsewhere in the house while she was spending the night with her Nana. I plan to swap them out with some of her current, lesser-used ones at a later time. We just don't have much room. Even if we had a house double the size of our current one, we'd probably fill it up, too.

Maybe it was because all the toys are (mostly) off the floor now, but Anna June's attention has been drawn to the top of her bookshelf. This is where Grover lives. Actually, Anna June calls him "Go-ber". But I know who she means.

We have several Sesame Street plush characters. Besides all the other books and things we have, we have a small Tickle-Me Big Bird, a baby Cookie Monster and three different Elmo dolls: one that stretches, one baby, and one regular. In addition, we have Grover. Grover used to belong to Anna June's Daddy when he was a boy.

Anna June has been playing with Grover a lot lately. I think the fact that he was well-loved by her Daddy has made it her current favorite. She noticed that he only has one eye. Once, she spent some time looking for it, but I had to tell her it was lost, probably long ago.

The other day, she asked me for "Gober's bunny." It took me a minute, but I finally figured out she was talking about the white teddy bear I kept next to where Grover sits. I said, "Oh, that's a teddy bear. Her name is Ding Ding. Do you want her?" "Uh-HUH!" So Anna June played with Ding Ding until she FINALLY fell asleep. Last night, she was so excited to see Ding Ding that she took her everywhere in the house. Ding Ding used the potty, and then sat on AJ's stepstool to watch AJ take a bath.

(In case you were wondering, Ding Ding is named after the person who gave it to me, Dr. Ding.)

When I went in to wake her up this morning, I could only see lumps of white and blue fur at first. I had to get much closer to see Anna June!

Night Night, Gober. Night Night, Ding Ding!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

School Time

I can't tell you enough how much Anna June loves her daycare. She gets so excited when she sees her friends, and they get excited when they see her. She's doing much better at potty training, listening and behaving at school than she is at home. Here are some recent stories, mostly from daycare.

The other day, AJ sat down with a book, and was "reading" it to all her friends. Her teacher said she started out just kind of in jibberish, but then she got to a picture of something she knew and was "reading" with authority, pointing to the picture and telling the other children what it was. The funny part was that AJ had the whole class' rapt attention. She does love books - a lot. This morning she was sitting down with a book while I got dressed. I went in to get her to come brush her teeth, and staring at the book, she said, "No, I busy, Mom."

This week, it has been reported that Anna June loves playing with baby dolls. Duh! That is what drives us bonkers every night at bedtime. She calls them by name and wants them in the crib with her. Last night it was Grover, and one of her huge teddy bears, Ding Ding. I'm going to have hang a maximum capacity sign.

Almost every day, on her daily report, there's something new that is mentioned that she likes. She loves coloring and making artwork. She loves playing with certain toys. The funniest one lately was that she loves running and chasing her friends. When I got there, they were still running after each other and screaming. I am so glad she has a lot of energy!

It takes forever to drop off and pick up Anna June from daycare. She has to say goodbye or hello to everyone. And get her things. Sometimes her backpack comes home with us, sometimes she thinks it can stay in her "cubby". I can never figure out her mood ahead of time.

Recently, I went to get her and she was the last one there...they moved her into another class and I went to get her in the other room. I had all her stuff, and then she kept pulling me back to her classroom. "What's wrong, Anna June," I asked. "Sign out, Mommy!" She was right - I hadn't signed her out yet. Observant child!

In the sleep column, she slept all night save for a couple of times when she cried out and settled herself back down. Once I had to check on her, once I did not. Maybe we're turning the corner.

On our drive in, when we can see the school, Anna June points and says, "We're at school!" (This is an improvement from "we school!")

Photo used without permission from McElwain day care's website.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Things My Baby Told Me

Over the weekend, Anna June has come up with some creative stories.

On Sunday morning, we were giving Radar one of his "legal" treats, an apple. She was feeding it to him, which turned into a big issue - we had to have Ben get up and move the entire china cabinet, because Radar would be begging for the apple slice that had gotten inextricably wedged under the piece of furniture. AJ said, "Grandma Annette said give Radar apple." I am sure Grandma wouldn't have minded Anna June giving Radar an apple - she has been known to give him potato chips - but we hadn't seen her that day yet.

The water dispenser in our refrigerator previously malfunctioned and we turned it off for a while. I had told her that it was broken, but I never got around to making a big deal of when it was "fixed" again. During lunch on Sunday, she pointed to it and told me it was broken.
"It is?" I asked. "Well, that's news to me. Who broke it then?"
"Heather broke it," she told me with all the authority in the world.
Heather is Anna June's doll.

On the way home from school yesterday, I asked, "What did you do today, Anna June?" She didn't respond. I said, "Did you eat lunch?" She said, "No." In mock horror, I said, "Oh no, you didn't eat lunch? You must be hungry. Did you take a nap?" "No." "Oh no, that's terrible. You must be tired! Did you drink any milk?" "Yes." "Whew! I'm glad you at least weren't thirsty."

Besides telling stories to me, Anna June has been reading stories to herself. This morning she was reading The Little Engine that Could to herself, telling the little train to "help help" and "I thought I could".

She also this morning figured out how to operate the step-on trash can properly. When she did it, she said, "I did it! That's amazing!!!" What would be amazing, I thought to myself, is if we could be on time today. It didn't happen.

I mentioned yesterday that Anna June loves the song "Mail Time." For those of you not familiar with Blue's Clues and their obsession with checking the mail, here's a short clip of that.

The Shortest Long Weekend Ever

At Anna June's daycare and at UAB, we do not get Presidents' Day off. But seeing as how this past weekend was jam-packed with the holidays Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, today Presidents' Day, and tomorrow Mardi Gras (with all the hoopla getting bigger over this past weekend), I think we should have! Two doses of snow gave us an extra day off, closing early on Friday and opening late today.

Sorry this post is so long - you can see we were having too much fun to blog. This is what happens when you take the weekend off.

Here is how we celebrated:

Friday, Anna June and I came home and examined her loot from the Valentine's party. Once again, the other moms and dads showed us up with bags full of candy and store-bought Valentines. AJ gave the others Valentines she colored (printed onto card stock from the Internet), stuffed and licked. She even selected which person got which valentine. I thought we were being crafty. It even involved gluing a decoration onto the envelopes!

After going through her stuff, we ate lunch, played, watched a lot of TV, ate a lot of candy, and then made the world's most pitiful snowman. How pitiful? I didn't even take a picture. Not one. This snowman would have gone to snowman school on the short bus. It was sad.

We got about two inches of powdery snow in our yard. It was still falling when we began work on the poor guy. Anna June had been lounging in her pajamas and I added her school clothes back on top of them. Then we added an extra pair of socks and her good, sturdy shoes. Then hat, coat, mittens, and scarf.

The mittens kept falling off as Anna June kept adding to our snow creation. She would ask, "Need more, Mommy?" She asked if we could make a baby snowman, and I should have stuck to that, but I was already in the process of rolling a big snowball. Once I got the bottom done, and had a good-sized middle ball, I put the two together and the top one disintegrated. It was truly discouraging.

Mid-building, AJ told me she had to use the potty. We rushed inside, only to find we were too late. I thought she would want to go back outside right away, but she did not. Her short nap was coming into play, so I let her watch Barney while I did some chores around the house. Later, she wanted to go outside, this time to the front yard. All she wanted to do was walk up and down the stairs. We did it, treacherously, but we were OK. We finished the ill-fated snowman.

My Midwestern husband was at work and couldn't help advise us on the snowman-building. By the time he came home, it was too late to do anything about it. He did bring a pizza, though, and that was much appreciated.

Radar was not happy about the snow. He was mad that we left him inside, but then he did not like it at all when he went out. Crazy dog. Later, I lost at rock-paper-scissors and took him outside, only to fall on the ice. I was OK, but the dog got loose. Once he realized I may be going inside to leave him out in the cold white stuff, he returned to the house quickly.

Saturday, the snow melted rapidly. Anna June and I had a girls' morning out, and we went to Chick-fil-A (her choice) and ate and played on the indoor playground. She napped. Then I went to what will surely be my very last day ever working at Crestwood Antiques. I worked for a little while, and then went home to pick up Anna June and Ben who had been having a Daddy-daughter afternoon. They stopped by to say hi to me, then went to the library, then had a snack. Then they watched more TV. Anna June is in love with Blue's Clues. Any time this weekend she's been feeling down, I just start singing the "Mail Time" song. She thinks it is hilarious.

Saturday night, we went to Rusty's BBQ to celebrate their 1st anniversary of being open. We had a great dinner and watched some Olympic skiing on their big television. Anna June had a great time. While we were in Leeds, we stopped off at the new home of Garden City Auction a bit further up the road. Anna June enjoyed seeing her Granddaddy, Nana and Uncle Drew hard at work. We really do like the new is more inviting than the previous locations.

Sunday was Valentine's Day. I cut Anna June's toast in the shape of hearts with my cookie cutter to celebrate. This was a cute idea, but I had to keep making more toast because the cookie cutter was pretty small!

Anna June and her daddy presented me with a nice gift (Black Crowes' DVDs) and AJ and I gave her daddy some slippers. We went to church, had lunch, and napped as our usual Sundays go. AJ played around the house most of the afternoon and I did a ton of laundry.

Speaking of laundry, I'm about to do lots more. On Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and today, I have started the day with Anna June in training pants/plastic covers (her "big girl panties"). After the first accident, I switched to pull-ups. It wasn't ideal...I know I have to be consistent...but with all the places to go and people to see, I couldn't see having wet undies going with us. That will come later. She's getting used to the idea.

But the main event of the holiday weekend was that Anna June got to spend the night with her Nana and Granddaddy last night. Last year on Valentine's Day was the first night AJ had spent over there. She has since stayed 3 more times. AJ slept the whole night in her own crib. But she didn't go to bed until after 10 pm! When Ben and I were up watching the Olympic pairs figure skating (a Valentine's concession to me), we had no idea that AJ was up and watching it, too. The "dancers" were standing on one leg, and Granddaddy convinced AJ to also dance and stand on one leg. I bet she fell down fewer times than the skaters.

Ben and I enjoyed having a nice dinner at home. For the record, I fixed chicken tortellini with prosciutto and tomato cream sauce, along with salad and mint chocolate chip ice cream (with a Girardelli mint chocolate candy garnish), and we ate on the good china! With cloth napkins! And candles! And flowers (Ben gave me red roses)! All things you can't really do with a curious and clumsy toddler present.

I think it was the best Valentine's Day ever! Anna June was eating breakfast when I went to pick her up this morning. She had a great time.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Short Day

In the case of inclement weather, Anna June's daycare is supposed to do what Mountain Brook Schools do. I checked the list of snow-related school closings repeatedly. Mt. Brook is open. When I got to daycare, though, there was a big sign announcing that they were closing at 10. So, in just a few minutes, even though I've only been here an hour, I'll prepare to leave to go pick up Anna June. If I had known, we may not have gone at all.

Except for the fact that I was unusually efficient last night - I laid out AJ's clothes...they were supposed to wear red or pink in honor of Valentine's Day. I got all her Valentine's addressed and in her backpack. I soaked in the bathtub so I'd be ready to go when AJ woke up (at 6:05). We were all set for the big V-Day party. I would have hated to let all that preparation go to waste!

So here's a picture of Anna June, too cool for school this morning. She's wearing her red barrettes that say "Friday" on them. My grandmother found a set of these in a trunk...apparently she had meant to give them to me when I was a little girl but instead gave them to AJ. She had already ripped them out before we made it to daycare - they're safe in my pocket right now.

Our night was better than the one before, but still not good. Maybe the alleged snow will help us nap well today and sleep well tonight.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

I am not truly superstitious, but I think I may have jinxed Anna June's day yesterday by talking about what a great morning she had. She did not nap well at daycare...she only slept an hour and 25 minutes, whereas she normally sleeps around two and a half hours. I saw that on her sheet before we left and commented that would not bode well for the rest of the evening. The teacher either didn't hear me or didn't have a comment on that...I am sure it was purely AJ's fault - I have been telling y'all since Day One that child does not like to sleep.

But I was right. The night was one long tantrum, not only disrupting our "routine" such that it is, but it exhausted both parents, who are still not feeling 100%. AJ started whining, crying, and screaming basically as soon as we walked in the door. This left me to try to comfort her while Ben fixed supper and cleaned up. We tried ignoring her, appeasing her, distracting her, and letting her scream, but nothing seemed to work for very long. She was just plain tired.

She was also up several times during the night. I really can't tell what the reason was for this. I kept waiting for some cataclysmic event, like vomiting or something, to occur, but it never did.

I know our readers are sick of hearing about AJ's sleep issues. Blah blah blah, the Gallitzes never sleep well, blah blah blah. But really, we don't. We're worn out. AJ is 23 months old now. And don't get me started on Radar...

We just have to keep going and hope that Anna June evens out a bit, and gets back to "normal" sometime soon. She is such a sweet little girl - a true blessing in our lives. We're lucky to have her in a good mood most of the time - it is just so hard for us when she is not.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's That?

Anna June's new favorite question, "What's that, Mommy?" She has been concentrating so hard on learning the names for everything under the sun that she is shocked when she has missed something. But she's also using it rhetorically, like her parents. She sees our candy dish, and gets a huge grin on her face, "What's that, Mommy?" "It's candy, Anna June. Would you like a piece of candy?" "Uh-HUH!"

This morning she saw the Play-Doh and asked me the same thing. I was happy to tell her that she had to go to school, but she could play with it when we came home.

She had a good morning...she asked for (and got) waffles for breakfast, and ended up wearing pigtails to school, along with her boots (preferred over her black shoes, "I don't like that black shoes, Mommy!") and her monkey shirt ("special monkey shirt, Mommy").

Anna June usually calls me Mommy but has been calling me Mom in the past 24 hours. I don't know what is up with that. Last night when she was trying to get to sleep, she kept calling, "I wake up, Mom! I wake up, Mom!"

She "wake up" about 3 times during the night. I am so tired.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Anna June saw my camera yesterday and asked me to take her picture. I finally put batteries in the camera and took it with us to daycare and got a couple of shots of her and her friend Drew. When we had seen Drew and her dad getting out of the car in the parking lot, Anna June hollered, "Hey Drew!!!" They were glad to see each other. AJ and all her girlfriends at school are so sweet and loving towards one another. This is just an example of a typical day.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Making the Best of It

Anna June and her parents have been sort of sick for the past few days. Saturday morning, I declared myself sick enough to cancel the day's plans and stay home. Anna June was still coughing a lot when she went to bed, and I thought we all needed a day to recover. Since Ben was the least sick, I sent him out for rations a couple of times, but the rest of the time, we stayed home.

We took the opportunity to watch the movie Wall-E, which we borrowed from AJ's Aunt Liz. It was a great movie. AJ seemed to like it, although we ended up watching it in several segments as her interest would wane. If you've seen the movie, you know that watching it made me a) never want to shop at Wal-Mart again b) recycle everything and c) exercise. If you haven't seen the movie, you should.

Even though the social commentary was way over Anna June's head, she still came to the conclusion that after the movie was over, we needed to get up and get moving. In fact, in the closing credits, she started dancing. Ben, who slept on the couch through the whole movie, filmed this when her exuberance and Peter Gabriel's music woke him up.

If you can't tell in the 2 minute clip above, she went and got her toy piano when the music started so she could play along. Then, she started dancing and singing that she was a "Wall-E Princess." Unlike many Disney movies, there was no princess in this one. But AJ thought they needed one. So she is it.

We went along with our regular business on Sunday, even though we probably should have stayed home. I'm headed to the doctor to make sure this is just a cold. If I have to get antibiotics, I am pretty sure I'm going to send everyone else to the doctor, too.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Define "Good"

Anna June, like a predator, must sense weakness. Neither of her parents is feeling particularly well today. In fact, I feel terrible, but I am at work and trying to finish up the week on a positive note. AJ had a terrible night, coughing and waking up repeatedly. It was either hack, hack, hack or "Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy!" Before I could even get out of bed, quite early, AJ woke up. "Mommy I wake up!"

She acted fine, until I suggested that maybe she wanted to stay with her daddy while I took the dog out in the rain. Refusal. Tears. I put on her socks, shoes, and raincoat over the nightgown she refused to take off. Before we were even back in the house, she asked to watch Elmo. I saw this as an opportunity. Ben came and watched Elmo with her and I gathered up all the trash and took it down to the street (for a change) before the garbage men came. Then I went to shower.

Meanwhile, Anna June said she'd eat some cereal for breakfast, but by the time Ben let her choose a cereal, got it in the bowl with milk and a spoon, she took one bite and wanted to go back to Elmo. She threw a fit when it was time to get dressed and wanted only to watch Elmo. Quickly, I decided this was the last day we'd ever watch TV before school, as I see the same problem many parents have in our future...a barely awake kid staring at the screen, losing track of time and being uncooperative.

But we were feeling too sick to argue much. As soon as I dressed, I retrieved AJ from the den where she was hollering, "I need more milk, Mommy!" I turned off the TV, told her that she wasn't getting anything until she got dressed.

We went back to her room and she opened the cabinet for a clean pull-up. I said, "Anna June, are you wet?" She paused for a minute - and I swear she peed right then - and then she said, "Yes." So I changed her, acquiescing to her demands for diaper cream. Then, she refused to put her pants on, on the grounds there were no pockets. I showed her every pair of pants in her drawer, including which ones had pockets and which ones did not. She didn't, as it turns out, want to wear the pants with pockets after all...she went with the polka dot leggings. She started fussing when I wanted to get her dressed, but I finally got her clothes on her.

I see why parents dread potty training, I really do! In fact, at one point this morning I told her she was driving me crazy. "Mommy ca-zy? Ca-zy mommy?" "Yes, Anna June!"

It was just a few minutes later that she came to me and told me "Wet again, Mommy!" Sure enough, she was wet. We had to take everything off to change her, and she was being very wiggly. I finally broke out my big guns. "Anna June, if you get dressed, you can take a Pop-Tart to school for your breakfast." She was so excited about this, the change was instant. She was a little disappointed that I didn't mean she could have it right then, but she let me brush her hair and she brushed her teeth with little struggle. She told Ben goodbye. "Bye-bye Daddy. I get pop-tart!"

She'll probably be an angel for her grandparents tonight.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things Anna June Says

As you must have noticed, Anna June has been speaking well and forming complete sentences for quite some time now. But there are still some things she pronounces funny. Here is your current AJ pronunciation guide:

Ess - Yes
Hok-Poky - The Hokey Pokey
Oak Doak - Okie-dokie
Cock Dool Doo - cock-a-doodle-doo
Pay - Play (often used as a request. Instead of asking "May I play for a few minutes?" she says "pay minute"?)
Goo mawnee - Good morning
Goo naah - Good night
Dardar - Radar
Poon - spoon
Pork - fork
Peese - Please
Tink you - Thank you
Day - today (commonly used as a request. "Barney day" means "Can I please watch Barney today?")
Bat woah - bathrobe
Bat tub - bathtub
Hap Bird Day - Happy Birthday (which she said to her friend Diamond at school today)

Can you think of anything else she says that needs a translation?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Growing Up

According to a song on Barney, three year olds can draw circles. Anna June will get it down by then. The Food Pyramid is from Anna June's class focus on health. Maybe if I hang it in my office it will prevent me from eating so many candy bars.

Except for a mild cough and runny nose that have crept up in the past couple of days, Anna June has been doing great lately. She's talking a lot more and expressing her opinions in amazing ways. Last night Ben kept her while I went to my book club meeting. He asked her if she'd rather eat at home or at Chick-fil-A. Guess which one she picked. When they got there, she made him check to make sure that the cow was not there. There was a clown making balloon animals, and she got a red one made into a dog. She showed Radar immediately when they got home. Then she tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to put the Blue's Clues tape into the VCR, insisting that's what she wanted to watch. So they watched some TV and were well into bath time by the time I got home. Another good night.

The night before last, though, when she was talking a mile a minute, I had to ask her what she said again. It was "I grow up one day, Mommy." I told her that yes, she will grow up one day, but she doesn't have to do it so fast.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Yesterday, Anna June's daily report read, "Anna June had a good day! She enjoyed coloring her Baa-Baa Black Sheep picture and singing all the nursery rhymes."

This reminds me of something I've been meaning to post:

Most adults have to think about it for a minute to realize that "Baa Baa Black Sheep", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and the "ABC's" all have the same melody. However, Anna June figured this out a while back. I've been hearing her sing something along the lines of:
Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
Now I know my ABC's
Next time won't you sing with me

What can I say? She's a genius!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Quick Thoughts

We had a pretty good, but incredibly busy weekend. On Saturday, AJ enjoyed a date with her daddy to Burger King while I attended a funeral. Then, they had more fun together that evening while I went to a basketball game with my daddy.

On Sunday, we went out to eat Chinese food. Anna June enjoyed looking at the dragon on the ceiling. That evening, AJ visited her Uncle Patrick and Aunt Liz while we went out to eat and shop for a few minutes. A good time was had by all. When we left, I said, "It's time to go home!" And she said, "No, Wiz's house!" So, I guess she was having a really good time!

Here are some quick things I wanted to tell you, but weren't long enough for a whole post:

Anna June is talking more and better each and every day. Whole sentences are getting to be the norm. In the car on the way to school, she said, "Stop sign means stop. I know that!" Good grief...I thought she'd be a little older before I had another backseat driver.

She got in her dress-up trunk yesterday after discovering her "pearls" and ring in the den. I left her alone for a minute and came back to see her with her princess heels, a bracelet, and Mickey Mouse ears added to the mix.

Her imagination is starting to take shape. Friday she really scared me because whenever I would leave her for a second in a room, she would scream that monsters were eating her. We're not sure where that came from!

On the other hand, she likes to play with her bath toys, and is doing so more imaginatively. She particularly likes the seahorse, whom she calls "Baby" and as in her book Baby's Day by Karen Katz, she says "Now dry off Baby" and "dries" her with a wet washcloth.

She's doing fine on potty training but is reluctant to tell us when she needs to go. When she does go, she has said the following things,
"Good job big girl!"
"I did it!"
"I'm proud of you!"
"So happy for you!"
(I guess she hears these things from us or her teacher.) She also loves getting a sticker after a successful trip.

She made up a song about mailboxes as we were leaving the house yesterday.

She recently started watching Blue's Clues, which may have something to do with the mailbox fascination.

She loves to color, as well as "helping" me do anything, especially cooking.

We went to Krispy Kreme this weekend, too. Knowing we were going to get donuts made her really excited. I had her saying "Mmm, donuts," a la Homer Simpson. When we got there, I was showing her all the different kinds. When it was our turn, the lady asked Anna June what she wanted. AJ said, "Donuts!!!!" What a silly question!