Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You Deserve a Post Today

Anna June was playing in her room by her giant teddy bear and I thought I'd take the opportunity to snap a picture to compare with this first one taken when she was about 2 months old.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


On the day of Patrick's wedding, Ben watched Anna June while I went to get my hair done. I went to my mom's stylist and he convinced me to "update my look". He had some good ideas, so I let him run with it. I've never worn my hair this short, ever.

When I got home, Anna June was fascinated. She kept touching my hair, apparently searching for the fistfuls that she was used to hanging on to. I said, "Mommy got a haircut." "Haircut?" she asked.

"Dada?" She asked. I said, "No, Daddy didn't get a haircut. He'll get one soon, though."
"Anna June?" She asked. I said, "No, Anna June doesn't need a haircut!"

I thought of all the folks who would kill me if I lost any of those curls, and I firmly decided that until Anna June's hair can fall in her face, she is not getting a haircut.

It has been well over a week since the chopping, and AJ still frequently looks at me and says, "Haircut!"

Monday, September 28, 2009

Phone Service

Anna June's Grandpa Gary and Grammy Pam came to visit from Wisconsin this weekend. We had a nice visit, although everything did not go according to plan.

On Saturday, Pam's daughter Kym, whom we had gone to visit, had to leave unexpectedly. We never saw her but we did get to visit with her 6 kittens and other assorted pets. We hoped they'd be back in time for a trip to Leeds for Rusty's BBQ, but since they weren't, we took Grandpa with us to supper.

The food was great. AJ behaved herself and had a good time with Grandpa. She bonded with him quickly. She said "umpa!" which is Grandpa in her language. She was very sweet and good.

Our timing was terrible. After just bragging to Gary that a certain celebrity athlete/philanthropist visits Rusty's sometimes when he's in town, guess who showed up to watch the football game at Rusty's BBQ?!!!! We had just left. So AJ didn't get to meet him this time.

Instead of subjecting AJ to another long ride from Leeds to Columbiana again, we came home to drop us off in the hopes of getting AJ to bed sometime before midnight.

When we arrived at home, we were pleased to see the AT&T van sitting at the foot of our driveway. Finally, our land line would be repaired after 6 days of no dial tone! But Ben went ahead and left, envisioning the up to 2 hour round trip.

Anna June was overwrought. She had just been showing her Grandpa her play kitchen and having so much fun, but suddenly, both he and her daddy were leaving. Many tears ensued.

Again, we had terrible timing. Not 5 minutes later, the repairman rang the doorbell, asking me to check the phone to see if there was a dial tone. There wasn't. "Try unplugging the phone!" he said, over Radar's LOUD barks and Anna June's crying. I finally told him he was going to have to come inside, because I was trying to do what he was telling me to do, but in the mass of wires, and with AJ glued to my hip, and Radar barking at the top of his lungs, I couldn't manage another thing. I can't convey how stressful this was at the time.

"Please come in," I said.
"Not until you can pen the dog." Well, I thought, if I could do that, and calm him down, you wouldn't need to come in!
"He doesn't bite," I said, pleadingly.
"Ma'am, I've been bitten 4 times by dogs that don't bite. So, please, control your dog."
After I got Radar leashed, he came inside only to find that I wasn't making it up, the phone was still messed up. I ended up having to call Ben to ask him a question. Rather, I had to get the phone man to ask him a question because of all the barking and crying.

He got it fixed shortly thereafter.
So you can call Anna June now. But don't expect us to be home, or to answer the phone in time, or to remember to call you back before you go to sleep.
Because we have terrible timing.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Better Times

Right now, I'm listening to AJ whine because she doesn't want to take a nap. Weekends throw her completely off. Last weekend was great, though. Since I don't have happy photos from today so far, here are some from last Saturday: AJ with a bowl on her head.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Anna June is a girly girl to the bone. She loves getting dressed up and looking pretty. It is probably because at every opportunity, be it a new outfit or a different accessory, I am guilty of telling her exactly what's on my mind, "Oh, Anna June! You look so pretty!" Because she does. This morning her newest teacher asked me if I had ever considered entering her photos in a contest, because she is just such a truly beautiful child that she could be on a magazine. I quickly said that all of the children in her class could be in a magazine - they need to do a group shot of Toddler II and III - they are all simply gorgeous!

Anyway, for Patrick's wedding on Saturday, I borrowed some vintage Austrian crystals from my grandmother Annette. I had a double strand necklace and a pair of earrings. My ears are not pierced, so they are clip-ons. Anna June is used to wearing my bracelets, watch, necklaces, and hair bows, but earrings were a new one for her - she'd never seen me wear them! And with my new short hairdo, she could see them even better.

During the wedding ceremony, Anna June decided she HAD TO HAVE my earrings. Right then. Instead of telling her no and having to take her out of the service, I removed them and gave them to her. She was delighted. She tried putting them on by shoving them in her ears. When that didn't work, she put them down the front of her dress. I have no idea why she did this. But when she did, she didn't like it. She started saying "No! No! No!" with increasing volume as I tried to retrieve them from her dress while she wriggled in my arms. Of course, this was right as Patrick was saying his vows. It went something like "Do you, Patrick, take Liz" - "NO! NO! NO!"

Luckily, First Presbyterian is a large church and not everyone in the sanctuary heard this. I just wanted to clarify, for those who did hear and were wondering, Anna June did not object to the marriage. It was just the earrings.

At the reception, Aunt Heidi helped AJ actually put the earrings on her ears, which I would not have done during the service, in case she thought they pinched. You can tell from the expression on her face that she didn't mind a bit - she was glad she got to wear them and was probably looking for a mirror to check herself out. My cousin Mary, who is an avid photographer and Facebook uploader, posted these two pictures of AJ while she had on the earrings. My granddaddy Elwyn and Aunt Heidi are holding her up for the camera while my cousin Morgan looks on. Very, very sweet. Thanks Mary!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


On Sunday morning while her dad was sleeping, Anna June wanted to "help" me bake some muffins from a mix. She remembered doing this once before, and when I asked her if she wanted to help mommy in the kitchen, she went over to the kitchen chair and dragged it to the island in the middle, almost the whole way by herself. She really must have enjoyed it before.

She helped dump the mix in the bowl. I thought she'd be able to handle pouring the milk in, too, but that was a bit too heavy for her and she missed. After Radar and I finished cleaning up the spilled milk, I poured some more in. She LOVED stirring. But after I had the muffins poured, and I told her she could lick the bowl, she was even more excited. (She gets that from me!) She sat down in the chair to get a better angle. Then she hopped down and took the bowl and spoon to her play kitchen to work on it further.

Here are the two pictures of her standing in the chair after the mixing was done.

By the way, for all of you out there who are sticklers for safety, I know this is a bad move, in general. In fact, when I asked Anna June to help me again last night and she was so excited, Ben merely said that he would ready the car for a trip to the emergency room. She fell once when she was trying to do too many things at once, but not last night. If anyone knows any safer tips on how she can see what I'm doing in the kitchen, please share. Otherwise, she'll be in the chair the next couple of years.

I do want her to know her way around the kitchen as she grows up, and not to be totally clueless as I was when I moved out on my own.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lawnmower Girl

Our lawnmower has been broken, and it has been raining. So our grass is really high. This afternoon, after Ben picked up the repaired mower, he was "teaching" Anna June how to cut grass by pushing it (turned off) while she held on. Hopefully, in about 10 years, mowing will be her job.

She is absolutely fascinated by the machine, and you can even understand her when she says "lawnmower". Ben was able to cut the front yard but ran out of daylight before he got to the back. Maybe the rain will hold off a little longer and it will dry out enough for him to do it. If not, well, if you come to the house, just look at AJ and ignore the foot-high weeds.
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This picture taken by Liz's bridesmaid Julie Parker was also stolen from Facebook. Thanks, Julie!!!

My grandmother Annette came up the back way at the reception at Flower Stems loft, and she never saw the wedding cake. It was gorgeous.

Being that it was past Anna June's bedtime and she'd had a lot of excitement on Saturday, at 8:45 when she asked to go home, ("Home? Home?") we gave in. We asked Liz and Patrick if they were just about to cut the cake, and they said no. So we said our goodbyes.

On Sunday, Beth called to let us know the leftover cake was at the restaurant. I was all ready to go out there to eat it when I found out that neither Rusty nor Beth were there. I may have mentioned to Anna June we were going out there, because after I hung up the phone and she said "Rusty?" I told her that, no we weren't going to go. We'd get Nana to bring us back a piece of cake on Monday.

On Monday, Dad called and said he had pans of leftover food from the wedding: shrimp and grits, twice-baked potatoes, and asparagus. I asked if the cake had made it back to the house. We made a plan to visit on Tuesday night, when Mom would be home, since I already had dinner in the oven. Ladies and gentlemen, little pitchers have big ears. As soon as I hung up the phone, Anna June started saying, "Cake. Cake! CAKE! CAKE! CAAAAAAKKKKEEE!!!" So I called Dad back and had AJ tell him what she wanted, apparently. "Cake."

It didn't help that she was hungry. We started feeding AJ everything in the house, all at once, to make sure to take her mind off cake. She must have said it 100 times. She really, really wanted cake. Cheese, licorice, steamed vegetables, fish fillets, bananas, and chicken & vegetable soup were no match for cake.

So when we were finished eating, I called dad again to make sure we could have the "C-A-K-E". He assured me we could come over and have a piece. AJ and I quickly got ready and went to see Granddaddy.

The cake, by the way, was delicious. It had lots of icing and was still very moist. Of course, the Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream on top of it didn't hurt anything in my book!

AJ loved it. And she was covered in cake. So we decided to bathe her at Granddaddy's house, in case she were to go into a sugar coma on the way home. Once we discussed giving her a bath, she grabbed Granddaddy's finger and said, "Granddaddy!" It was apparent she wanted her grandfather to give her a bath.

Now this part is funny. I am sure he must have done it at some point, but I do not recall my dad ever having bathed either me or any of my brothers. But all AJ had to do was ask and there he was asking me which kind of soap to use. AJ pretty much behaved (although she refused to sit down) and she got clean to boot.

So, thanks to Granddaddy, Anna June got her cake and her bath.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wedding Madness

Through the magic of Facebook, I have stolen this picture from my new sister-in-law's friend Joni's page. So, Dear Liz, please tell Joni that she is an amazing photographer and I am sorry for stealing this from her. But I saw it and I had to have it. This is Anna June dancing with Avery, Liz's sister and flower girl. Avery's dress was very similar to Liz's - everyone was gorgeous.

I did not blog all weekend, and I am sure there will be posts all week related to all the fun we had since I left off. But here are the key points:

Patrick and Liz got married on Saturday September 19 as planned. The ceremony went off without a hitch (or at least without a hitch to those of us in attendance).

Anna June did talk through the whole ceremony, but not so as to be completely disruptive. It was my fault for not having brought the pacifier as planned.

We had a great time at the reception. AJ danced to the band. She had fun seeing her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. So did we.

It has been raining in Birmingham for days now and doesn't look like it's letting up.

Work is busy and I will have to post more later.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Out of Control

Anna June's hair is totally out of control. It is not falling in her face, though, so I refuse to cut it. I has been raining here a lot and the humidity has pronounced the curls even further.

Here are a few shots I took this morning before work. I had carefully selected Anna June's adorable flower shirt with the word "love" and a beautiful brown three-tiered skirt. Both the color and the theme are in honor of the big wedding coming up tomorrow. I almost got away with it, even though it is a tad too small, until I tried to put the adorable hair bow on AJ's head. She left it on for a minute while playing, then her hand tentatively crept up to touch it.

"Anna June, let's look at your adorable hair bow in the mirror."
"WHAAAA!" She ripped it out, of course.
"Well, at least you can look at your cute shirt in the mirror."
"OFF!" pulling at her shirt.
"You want me to take your shirt off?"
Nodding yes, she said, "Off!" again.
"Is it too little?"

So I got her dressed in a new outfit we just got last night and she instantly loved. She even wanted to try on the clothes as I was getting them out of the box, this one especially. It is a blue gingham top with candy-shaped buttons, and a pair of shorts. It is a size 3, y'all. 3. It fits fine.

These pictures show the outfit with the hair bow, and also show her grabbing the headpiece of her new Halloween costume. If all goes as planned, Anna June will be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Once again, Granny Annie has gone overboard - not only is there an adorable, officially licensed costume, but there's also ruby red slippers and a basket with a stuffed Toto. I cannot wait until Halloween!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tantrum City

I will never, ever think that I've got things all figured out when it comes to parenting. But I will say that, for the most part, we've been on a fairly even keel here lately. Anna June has been sleeping pretty well (slept all night last night!) and eating fine, growing and learning as she should.

But just when we thought we had a handle on what is OK and what is not OK with Miss AJ, suddenly, tantrums come.

First of all, I know this is payback, because as a child, I could throw the best, loudest, and least reasonable tantrums of any child I knew. (I refer you to the story of telling my brother Patrick he couldn't sing in my "choir" of baby dolls because he didn't know the words.) I am still pretty good at throwing them now, too. But Anna June has surpassed me.

Yesterday, we moved AJ's "umbrella" stroller inside so we could use the trunk for transporting our lawn mower to the shop. She saw the stroller and asked for it, so I set it up, and soon, Anna June was pushing her dolls and stuffed animals around the house in the stroller. So cute. And it kept her occupied long enough for me to dish up dinner. But when we had to stop for dinner - tantrum. When we had to stop for a bath - tantrum. Bedtime - tantrum. Leaving for school this morning - tantrum, complete with huge tears.

Actually, the tantrum this morning was less about the stopping and more about that things weren't going her way.
"Yes, you can put Elmo in the stroller."
"You want Mommy to put Elmo in the stroller."
"Uh-huh."(I did as I was told, even attempting to buckle him in, at her request.)
"You could put Helen in the stroller, but you may have to take Elmo out of the stroller first."
"You want Mommy to do it?"

I have no idea what I did. But I do know that AJ didn't like it. She was hungry, and didn't want to quit playing to go to daycare, which I already told her we had to do. Also, there's the teeth.

When we got to school, she was fine.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Based on this picture, do you think Anna June should be Goldilocks for Halloween? She wouldn't need a costume. She could also go as Shirley Temple.

Anna June visited the pediatrician for her 18 month checkup yesterday. Here's the rundown:

She is 34.5" tall. That is an inch and a half away from 3 feet. She's still 1 year old! That is >97th percentile.

She weighs 25 pounds and 5 ounces. (Which is not the same thing as 25 and a half pounds, which I may have told some of you yesterday.) This is between the 50th and 75th percentile. I swear she is a lot heavier than that. My back is shot.

Speaking of shot, AJ got her last two "baby" vaccinations yesterday. She won't have to have another immunization form sent to school until she goes into kindergarten when she's 5. That's the next time she has to have a vaccine.

Except for flu shots. She got the regular flu shot yesterday, too. If they recommend that kids in her age group get the H1N1 shot when it comes out next month, we will have to go back for that, unless we get the actual swine flu between now and then, or it will be a moot point.

Other than that, AJ has exceeded all expected milestones. The doctor says she's healthy as can be and is pleased that she's now sleeping much better. He expects the molars to be in soon. And of course, he loves the hair.

Anna June screamed when I had to remove her adorable denim dress, she screamed when I took away baby Elmo so she could be weighed, and she screamed as soon as we laid her down to get her shots. But other than that, she was good at the doctor's office. He warned me that when she comes back for her 2 year old checkup in March that she will remember this visit and not like him very much. I hope he's wrong.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Pictures

You can find this and more pictures from Liz's bridal shower at this link.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fewer Words, More Pictures

Here is a link to all the pictures from last Sunday at Mac and Deb's place. Others caught, cleaned and fried fish. We played Ring Around the Rosie.

I also finally uploaded the pictures from the Around the House Shower. Click here if you want to see the complete photo album, including shots of people other than Anna June.

I'm working on uploading pictures from Liz's Bridal Brunch. Will post more later.

Photo credits in these three albums are varied. The camera belongs to Grandma Annette. I took some at all three parties but I don't know which ones. She took some, other people took some. It's all in the family.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Last night, before going to bed, I commented to Ben that the evening had gone eerily well.

The weather has cooled down, and we had the idea to eat outside at Chick-fil-A. Ben was too stressed from work to help me cook, and I agreed to go if he'd help me with the playground issue.

It worked like magic. AJ was entertained enough watching the cars go by outside and people go through the drive through. At every truck or loud engine, she said, "Jimmy!" Jimmy is our neighbor who patrols our street, and every time Radar hears his truck, I say, "Hush Radar. It is just Jimmy." So now she has been saying "Jimmy" too. Well, actually she was saying "Mimmy" but it has progressed. It is scary that she is really paying attention!

So we let her play on the playground as promised. It was surprisingly quiet and she was really good. At one point, after we had been there for a while, she came back over to us and said, "Shoes!" So I put her shoes on and we left. No crying, no fits. Scary.

We came back home, and Anna June played with her daddy as I put away the mountain of her laundry that had been accumulating in our room. She bathed with less of a tantrum than normal, and went to bed more or less when I wanted her to, with a minimum of fussing.

So I commented on how pleased I was. I shouldn't have said anything.

At 11:45, AJ woke up screaming. It is bad enough that she is upset, but now she has the vocabulary to back it up. "Mommy! Mommy!" Though she called me, Ben was good enough to come along and help me with changing her diaper and giving her some Tylenol for her tooth pain. She seemed to settle down.

Until she woke up at 2:30. And 4:45.

While I was looking for some toothpicks with which to prop my eyes open this morning, Anna June slept soundly. I quickly gathered the trash to take down to the street when I saw a bug on the wall. I reached for a paper towel for bug squashing and as I moved the paper towel, there was a lizard sitting on my counter top! I guess he came inside to eat the bugs! He was a little green anole. I made Ben catch him to take him outside. I missed the garbage men by about 20 seconds. So frustrating!

But the good news is that Anna June is in a great mood today! She only cried once, when she realized her beloved doll, Helen, was not in the car with us. I tried to console her with Elmo, which actually seemed to work pretty well.

She went to school wearing the shoes I wanted her to wear, for a change. She didn't argue with me over brushing her hair or teeth. She wore her raincoat, necklace and sunglasses to school. On the way to school, she didn't complain once. She even went over all the names of the girls in her class with me. When we got to daycare, she was happy. She willingly took off her choking-hazard accessories to put in her bag. She was excited about her banana and was glad to see her teacher. No crying.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


On Labor Day evening, we visited Rusty's BBQ. Anna June has been expressing a lot of displeasure at being put in a high chair lately, so we again tried to put her in a booster seat. It was mostly successful, until I let go of the back of it and it tilted forward a little too far.

After deciding she was done with her hamburger, AJ got down to play. Where did she go immediately? To the other booster seat! The seats reside under the counter, and Anna June loved getting under there and back out repeatedly. If she gets any taller, though, this won't work.

It was so cute to watch. Ben snapped this picture with his phone.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blast From the Past: Part 1

In the life of an 18 month old, 5 months ago is ancient history. Back when we visited Milwaukee with Anna June in April, we shot a few video clips with our digital camera. I had totally forgotten about them until I went to clean off my memory card.

In this video, a 13 month old Anna June is eating some lunch with her Granny Annie. If you compare this to the taco video we posted the other day, you can really see a difference!

I also apologize for posting so many pictures and videos related to food. You should all know that a) eating is my hobby and I think it is so cute when AJ does it and b) when she's eating, she's usually strapped in a high chair and therefore I have two hands free with which to film.

I am glad that we have a way to record all these moments of her life, because I know that I will forget. Heck, I even forgot that I recorded them to remember!

Milwaukee Trip April 2009 In the Kitchen with Granny from Ben Gallitz on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

That About Sums it Up

Anna June, teething perpetually, ran a low-grade fever to go with her crankiness this weekend. So this morning, Ben got up to assist me in taking her temperature. One person can do it, but it is better with two adults.

After we were relieved that she could go to daycare and was fine, Ben hurried back to bed. Anna June pointed out her scraped knee to me. "Boo boo," she said.

"Yes, Anna June. That's your boo boo. Everybody gets boo boos. Even Mommy and Daddy get boo boos sometimes."
"Baby?" she asked, pointing to herself. (I guess the mama, daddy, baby connection has stuck in her mind.)
"Yes, you're the baby. Are you mama's baby?"
"Dada baby."

That about sums it up right there, folks.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day So Far

Anna June had an outstanding visit to my dad's cousin's lake house yesterday (Grandma Annette's side of the family). We drove down in the morning, hoping AJ would nap on the way. She did, but not nearly long enough. I feared we were in for the worst. But then Kyndall showed up. Kyndall is 2 years old, and she's my Dad's cousin Scott's granddaughter (got all that?). Anna June got really excited. She loved having another little girl to play with. We got her (and her aunt Caitlyn) to play ring around the rosie, plus walk over a small foot bridge over and over. The small foot bridge was far preferable to the high foot bridge that connected the land around a pond to the main land. Anna June loved that one. It was very steep and over water! Caitlyn and I decided we didn't want to be responsible for jumping in to fish out little girls, so we turned their attention elsewhere.

The little girls were holding hands and walking together across the bridge, and AJ wanted to do everything Kyndall did. Drink water, get her hands washed, etc. It was sweet.

Anna June tried crawfish pie, saw real fish being caught, and generally was of a plasant disposition the whole time. Based on her curly hair and her hearty appetite, we heard many times, "Yep, she's a Tucker!" Of course, once she grows up and is so tall, probably people will quit saying that about her.

We had a wonderful visit, and AJ slept almost the whole 2 hours home. She was very upset when we had to return her Nana to her house. When we got home she was wide awake and glad to see her dad. I thought she would never go to bed. She played with her kitchen, with Radar, with crayons, and more. She was in such a good mood, I hated to quash it by putting her in the bath. I did this too abruptly, as I didn't put away the crayons. I thought they were out of reach but Radar ate somewhere between 3 and 8 of them.

About 9:30, Anna June finally went to sleep and stayed down until after 7 am, with only one waking incident. I couldn't have been happier.

I'm waiting to see the precious pictures.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Naptime Update

Anna June is napping, with many of her dolls and stuffed animals. She was not pleased about going in her crib but, apparently, her friends made it worth while. She has slept for almost 2 hours now and counting. I am so, so thankful.

This morning she has been a busy girl. She has played with her monkeys, dolls, Radar, kitchen, and a host of other things which are actually not toys. She let me talk on the phone, watched Elmo, and played with her Daddy some before he had to go to work. She had a donut ("no-nut") and some grapes for breakfast, cheese and spaghetti for lunch. Yummy and messy.

I'm trying to keep her napping by doing only quiet things like reading the mail and Facebook. But I'm mentally picking out her clothes for her first trip to the lake tomorrow. We're very excited. The plan is to feed her and then let her nap on the drive down. Hopefully, she'll be her cheery self when she meets all her distant cousins and new friends.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Video!

I don't know what is going on with the stupid combination of Blogger/Vimeo/me/my computer/my lack of Flash/an old version of IE/Firefox, but no matter how hard I try, I cannot get this next video of Anna June in her play kitchen to post like I want to.

So here is the link. Thankfully, there's more than one way to do something.

Taco Dinner

About a week ago, we decided to give Anna June a real, hard shelled taco instead of her usual taco salad. She was so cute and so messy I decided to film her. The dress will never be the same.

Dinner with Anna June from Ben Gallitz on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This Will Have to Do

Tomorrow promises to be as busy as today has been, so I went ahead and uploaded the few pictures I have taken in the past couple of weeks. Rest assured, AJ has been well-documented by others, but I don't have those pictures yet. Here is a link to the 10 new photos of mine.

Meanwhile, Anna June has been having a lot of fun with us. She has a new game of running down the hall. She will run away from us, and we'll call her, and she'll come back. Eventually, she got to the point where she didn't think we were calling her fast enough. I heard the pitter patter of her feet running, and then stopping, and then she cried, "Aaaah Jooo!"

I am so proud of her for knowing how to say her version of her own name now.

Also, on Sunday, she asked to wear my necklace. I told her that was fine, so I took it off my neck and put it on hers. Immediately, she said, "Meer meer!" I asked, "Do you want to look in the mirror, Anna June?" Yes, she did! If she's only 17 months old and already knows that you need to look in the mirror after you get dressed up, we are in big trouble.

Have a great Thursday.


Our church nursery has undergone an extreme makeover. Nice, new wooden kitchen play equipment has been brought in, and, as a result, the old Little Tikes Party Kitchen had to go. When it was offered to us, I jumped at the chance, since Anna June has always loved playing with it.

Since we brought it home, she hasn't wanted to go to school or to bed. She is too busy in her kitchen. I think she doesn't believe me that it will still be there when we come back.

My ultimate goal is for AJ to be so entertained by her new kitchen that she allows me to cook an entire meal in mine. But we're a long way off from that kind of attention span. She can say "kitchen" though!

This is a picture of the kitchen that I found using Google Image search. Photo credit and info at this link.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Oops - I forgot to share these pictures before when I was sharing all from the Around the House shower. And oops - I brought the camera with me, but not the memory card adapter, so the dozen or so adorable pictures and two cute videos will just have to wait to be uploaded.

Anna June isn't having a good day, either. She went to daycare but there's been a change...the Toddler II and Toddler III classes are now combined. I knew this was coming but AJ did not. She cried and cried when I left her in her new room. The teacher was the same, but I guess it just threw her off.

In other news, Anna June is now LOVES playing with her dolls and stuffed animals. She had me change the diapers of babies Helen, Earlene, and Leigh before she even got out of bed this morning. They all slept with her. In fact, there were so many babies in the crib, in the dim night-light I could hardly tell which one was Anna June. AJ cried out a few times last night, and we think it is because she kept running into dolls. At one point, I went in to check on her and her pink bunny was on top of her head, and I gently removed it like I was playing Operation. I'm just glad I didn't make it squeak and wake her up.

Tonight we've vowed to limit the number of friends in her crib. We'll see how that goes.