Friday, July 31, 2009

D'Oh! is Just a Three Letter Word

In a past life, I had a roommate named Kris who loved The Simpsons. As a kid, I didn't watch them too much because Mom thought they were gross and, actually, when I was in the fourth grade and they made their debut, they were inappropriate for me to watch (and even worse for my younger brothers). Of course, I married someone who is a huge fan and we have probably seen almost every episode.

I read once that Homer Simpson's cry of disappointment and frustration, "D'Oh!", has actually become a word in the dictionary. I can believe that, because like Kris, many people around the world are big fans and will use that instead of expletives. In fact, I have taken to saying it too.

When you look at it in light of the alternatives, it really isn't that bad. But last night I dropped a spoon in the bathroom- don't ask me why I had a spoon in the bathroom because I don't remember - and I said "D'Oh!" And Anna June said "D'Oh!" I laughed and she laughed. I was so glad I didn't say something worse.

I hear that Granny Annie will be disappointed, too, that AJ has started saying "D'Oh!" so I will try my best to just say "Uh-oh". She's good at saying that and it is almost always appropriate.

In other news, if you are in Birmingham and looking for a date night tonight without your kids, call my church at 879-6001. They're hosting parents' night out and would love to keep your little ones from 6-9 pm. Anna June is planning to attend! We'll probably leave by 8...I dare not try to get her in bed after that.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


While Anna June may never learn to cook from her hopeless parents, she is already showing that she likes to experiment in the kitchen.

This morning I was giving her some applesauce which she wanted to feed herself, thank you very much. So I got started on packing up some Cheerios to send to daycare. I asked if she wanted some and put a handful on her tray. I turn around and she's carefully putting the Cheerios into her applesauce and then trying to fish them out with her spoon and eat them. I wouldn't have thought of it, but I bet they went well together.

I've probably mentioned before that AJ loves to dip chicken nuggets in honey mustard and fries in ketchup. Lately she's been dipping the fries in the honey mustard, too.

And we've been giving her strawberry yogurt lately. Not surprisingly, everything else served at meals with strawberry yogurt goes into the strawberry yogurt. The green beans and carrots looked pretty gross, but she ate them. The blueberries she tried looked like a much better combination. The good news is that no matter what they are, she eats her concoctions. We are so lucky she is not picky yet!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Good Night

We had another really good night at our house. Anna June went to bed around 7:40 and fell asleep by 8 with no fussing. No other sound was heard from her until after 6 am. Technically, she should be sleeping a little bit longer, so we will try putting her to bed a little bit earlier. But I can't emphasize enough how much better she is doing now than she was 2 months ago. Ben and I are starting to feel like regular people again, in a way. Radar wasn't as good, but you can't have everything!

But the big news of the night is that Anna June, who has been peeing in the potty each night at bath time, pooped in the potty last night. This is a really big deal - lots of kids will pee but not poop. I am so, so thankful even if I know this may not last. Even if I just save one diaper a day for a while, that will be good.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Anna June is getting better at sleeping. Besides the two good nights last week, last night we didn't hear a peep out of her after she went to bed just before 8. It was nice. Ben hasn't been feeling well, but did some work on the computer while he was physically resting and I was able to do some dishes, some laundry, etc. and we actually had time to have a conversation before going to bed without anyone screaming.

AJ is getting better at expressing herself, too. On Sunday night when we were at Rusty's BBQ, she spent the entire meal running and shrieking all over the restaurant. Luckily, we're in good with the owners. That squeal means she's happy, or frustrated, or tired, depending on the pitch.

A couple of nights ago, Anna June woke up crying. I picked her up and asked her what was wrong. She said "diaper" and pointed to the changing table. I have always asked her what was wrong when she cried but this was the first time she gave me a real, understandable answer. I changed her and she went right back to bed.

Speaking of diapers, AJ wore a dress sans bloomers to daycare yesterday, and decided, all of a sudden, to take her diaper off. She was dry, but it was a waste of a diaper because she had just been changed! I will know not to let her wear that one to school again.

But speaking of diapers, Anna June has peed in the potty for 3 nights in a row. I am flabbergasted. She may never do it again. But, then, on the other hand, God may have mercy on me and let us have an easy time of potty training since we're having such a hard time with sleeping.

Back to sleeping - AJ spent an almost perfect no-pacifier day yesterday. She put it back in the crib before I got her out in the morning. She tried to grab it on the way out the door, but I told her that, no pacifiers were allowed at daycare so she took a quick suck off of it (like a smoker getting one last puff in before his break is over) and put it back in the crib. She asked for it before her bath but I said no. There was more shrieking for a while, but then I got her laughing and she forgot all about it. Then she did get to have it when we were settling down to read before bed. It is not much, but I consider it progress.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Anna June is a busy girl. This picture is from Saturday morning when we were waiting for her daddy to wake up.

Every Sunday we can manage, I take Anna June to church. The way our church does it is that the kids sit with their parents until about halfway through the service, and then they go to "children's church" in the other building with our children's minister. This keeps the kids from getting restless during the sermon, and lets them engage in more age-appropriate activities for a while. This is a long-standing tradition, except back when I was a kid, all the kids sat together with some volunteers on the front row. But now, since AJ is the only child in our small congregation, she sits with me.

I use the word "sits" loosely. Anna June loves to play with everything in her diaper bag, everything in the holders on the back of the pew, and everything else she can get her hands on. Most of the time I end up giving her Cheerios to keep her quiet, as church is right during the time when she usually eats lunch. Unfortunately, after lunch she usually takes a nap. Often our services are plagued by a whiny Anna June, because she is hungry AND tired.

The other members of the congregation INSIST she doesn't bother them. They're delighted to hear a little one. It is a good thing, too, because she made herself heard during yesterday's service.

First of all, this week she has learned the word "heavy". She kept picking up the hymnals and lifting them over her head saying, "He-bee. Hea-bee!" Yes, AJ, those are heavy! "Hea-be!"

Then, she found a leftover glass communion cup in the little holder in the pew. I quickly gave that to Melanie, our children's minister, who was smart enough to sit with us. She hid it from AJ. If it hadn't been glass, I would have let her play with it...I'm pretty sure it only had my germs on it from a previous week, anyway.

Then, my grandmother gave her a gold bracelet on a ribbon for her to play with/chew on. This held her interest for a few seconds. After that we dipped into the Cheerios, and she found her pacifier. She knows she's not supposed to have it, so she took it out of her mouth and put it back down frequently.

At one point, she decided she wanted to wander out of the pew to go check on everyone else. I grabbed her and brought her back.

She liked the singing.

As the offering was taken up, she patiently waited for the usher to come around, and she put my check in the plate. She has been doing this for several months, but for some reason it always makes me so proud. I give her a kiss and tell her thank you.

After the pianist finished the beautiful offertory, then AJ said, loudly, "Yay!!!!" After church, Jan, our musician, told me that she heard Anna June and she was glad that someone appreciated her playing.

During the special music, I was trying to be proactive and re-pack her bag so that Mel wouldn't have to wait for me trying to stuff everything back in before they went next door. Everything I put in, Anna June took out. I am sure that Grandma, Uncle Tim and Janet sitting on the pew behind us, were highly entertained by this. This week we had the added toys of her sun hat and necklace, which she insisted on wearing with her new dress. The bracelet and sunglasses she wore out of the house never made it past the car.

When Mel finally took AJ to the nursery, I was relieved! Her work had only begun. All Anna June wanted to do was run up and down the hall of the Christian Education building. Over and over. And when I got there to pick her up, all she wanted to do was play with the balls in the box at the end of the hall. She didn't want to go home!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two for Two

We tried again tonight after Anna June's bath to see if she would pee in the potty. And guess what? She did!

That is all.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

No Way!

This just in...

Anna June peed in the potty!

During her bath, she told me she needed to poo poo (which she didn't) but I sat her on the potty anyway, thinking we had nothing to lose. I wrapped a towel around her and gave her 60 seconds. When I took her off, there it was.

As I have said recently, I'm not really ready to start the potty training process, but I am so excited.

And here's another video clip, also from yesterday. You can really see her bruise in this one. It looked much worse on Sunday. Now it isn't raised at all and turning colors, which, as I well know, means it is healing.

And, I'm sorry for the pacifier. I am really working on it, but she was tired and so was I.

Banging on Pots and Pans from Ben Gallitz on Vimeo.

Video Post

Anna June doesn't want to eat her vegetables from Ben Gallitz on Vimeo.

Last night, Anna June didn't want to finish her supper. She wanted to play with Radar. In this 2 minute video, she says No no, yogurt, Radar, and screams. Precious, right?

Let's See How It Goes

From May-June 2009

If I have a favorite phrase right now, it is "We'll see." Everything is contingent upon everything else, mostly having to do with AJ. If I RSVP to your invitation, it is provided that AJ isn't sick, or too fussy, or we're not having a major disaster.

Today she ate lunch on time and went down for a nap on time. We'll see how long it lasts. In the meantime, I have my camera's memory stick and some pictures from other people to upload to Picasa on my slow connection. Here is what I have so far:

Current pictures found at this link. I have featured several of these on the blog.

Back at Easter time, we had an egg hunt at my church. My grandmother gave me her photos on CD, and I just finished adding them to our album. Here is the link. My pictures are first, with captions, and then hers. They're similar so I didn't caption them. But I will say that it is fun to look back now because Anna June has grown so much and grown so much more hair!

Grandma Annette also gave me the pictures I took on her camera from Father's Day. Here is a link to those. Again, no captions, but I posted about them previously.

Now, when she wakes up, we hope to be off to the library and grocery store before Ben comes home from work. But we'll see.

Friday, July 24, 2009


The assistant director of Anna June's daycare called me at work yesterday and when I saw the number on caller ID, my heart stopped for a minute. I thought, "Oh no. This can't be good." But she told me Anna June was sick and I should come get her. And of course, she has to be out of daycare for at least 24 hours before she can come back, lest she be contagious.

I can't tell you why, but I was very relieved to know that she was sick rather than hurt. To me injury is much worse than illness.

After canceling things, making some quick phone calls and sending an email - I was out the door. When I picked her up, the teacher told me she was acting fine, but the evidence showed she was sick. So home we went, and stayed.

Anna June is with my mom this morning and I will pick her up this afternoon. She seems fine so far so we'll probably proceed with the weekend as planned.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Say What?

Anna June and Radar both slept all the way through the night. No crying. No barking. No diaper changing or begging to go outside. On the same night. I think I only got up once, when Ben came to bed. It was absolutely delightful. I don't want to jinx it and say we've got this thing down, but I can tell you we've come a long way since early June when she was still sleeping (such that it was) in our bed most nights.

Here's hoping we can have a lot more nights like that one.

We have another cute development in our house: After doing something she knows she's not supposed to do (like throwing her cup on the floor), Anna June waves her finger and says "No no!" Now we just need her to put those things together and just not do it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playground Adventure

Two or three weeks ago, we went to Chick-fil-A, and since it wasn't crowded, we let Anna June play on their indoor playground. There's an area for toddlers, but she quickly got bored with the ground floor activities and wanted to climb on the big kids equipment. These pictures are from that visit. She got really far, and then I got scared and went and got her down. AJ let me and everyone else in Birmingham know that was a BAD idea! She was so mad at me.

But then, last week, I was off on Wednesday and picked her up from daycare early. They have an indoor playground at daycare that is very similar to Chick-fil-A's. Anna June was climbing all over it, going down the slide, and running to climb back up again. She was very surefooted. I saw all her classmates doing it, too. Not one of them was scared (at the time I was watching). Assured if she could do it safely at McElwain, she could do it safely at Chick-fil-A, I resolved to let her play the next time we went.

So last night (family night at CFA), we went. There were lots of kids but they were mostly preoccupied by playing bingo. We sat down to eat and AJ started screaming because we wouldn't let her get on the playground yet. In retrospect, we shouldn't have sat where she could see the playground, and I shouldn't have let her down to walk. Ben took her outside to calm her down and I ended up just moving our stuff outside so we could eat in a calmer environment.

After supper, we went back inside to play. AJ met a nice 2-year old named Helen who was scared to go down the slide. But AJ showed her how it was done! She climbed on up there and down she went. Over and over. She was so happy.

When it was time to go, Ben caught her at the end of the slide, I stuck her pacifier in her mouth for the impending tantrum, quickly put on her shoes and we ran out the door to her screams. Another parent of an older child on the playground said, "It doesn't get any easier. They never want to leave." Great.

But at least she had fun. We'll try to go on a weekend next time so she can stay longer.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I stayed a few minutes this morning dropping Anna June off at daycare talking to her teacher. She was telling me a little more about what AJ's day is like there.

They go outside to the courtyard playground when the weather is cool enough, like it has been in the past few days. They go to the indoor playground when it is not. They stroll around in the "bye bye buggy". They play with toy trucks and baby dolls. Anna June, the teacher says, is always a good eater, no matter what is served. This warms my heart, as her father and I can be pretty picky.

Nap time is fun for the teachers! AJ sleeps well at daycare although I can rarely get her a good nap at home on the weekends.

She and the other children love books. Almost every afternoon when I get there, they're reading. This morning AJ got her dad to read to her, but kept jumping out of his lap to go get more books. The act of acquiring them was much more fun than listening to the story today. But this is headed in the right direction.

Anna June, reports her teacher, LOVES to play dress up! I am not surprised, since Anna June has always been attracted to any kind of jewelry. The "bling bling baby" even had me laughing yesterday trying to say "sparkles" when I was showing her the sequins on my shirt. Miss Tara and I were talking and hit upon the idea that they need more dress-up clothes geared toward little girls. Right now there are only girls in the class, and they have hard hats and baseball caps (not that there's anything wrong with that) but they'd like more shoes, scarves, hats, purses, and accessories like bracelets with no beads or choking parts. Her idea is to get the girls all dressed up for a fashion show or a tea party. She's very excited about this. So if you're reading and you happen to have stuff that you can donate to the daycare, let me know. She told me that one day recently AJ had every single piece of dress up clothing layered on her at once. Hmm, maybe this is my fault for dressing her up like a baby doll every day.

The other thing I learned is that Anna June is crazy about painting. Miss Tara says Anna June just pitches a fit when it is time to put away the paints. She could keep painting all day. I am sorry she gets so upset, but I am glad she likes it so well. We tried coloring some more this weekend, and she bit one crayon and Radar stole and ate two. So that didn't work so well. I am glad she can safely pursue her artistic abilities at school instead.

Above is her first watercolor they have sent home. It is hanging on my office door in a place of honor.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Collect Them All

By cruising relatives' pictures on Facebook, I am able to get pictures of Anna June I didn't have! This is one of AJ eating her first ice cream cone at her Grandpa's house in Milwaukee back in April. Of course, it wasn't the first time she had ice cream - you can thank her Granddaddy for that one. But this was the first in a cone.

Which reminded me that this week AJ ate her first Popsicle. She LOVED it. She dropped part of it on the ground, and to appease her, I gave her the rest of mine. When she was done, she ran back inside to the refrigerator and beat on it, saying "Mo! Mo!"

I think we will have lots more popsicles in the future.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Boo Boo Central

Today was a bad day for Anna June at our house. After the usual morning stuff, AJ and I went outside to blow bubbles and, of course, look for cats. I can deal with this on our front porch as we have some brick steps to sit on. But in her trips up and down to look for the Cat Cat, AJ managed to scrape her leg. This is not the leg she scraped two weeks ago, which is finally looking a lot better. Until today, any time you asked to see AJ's boo boo, she would definitely try to show you her leg, no matter what happened. Now, there are many to choose from.

After lunch, we were playing in the den. Anna June was coloring at the coffee table while sitting on a footstool we took out on approval from this great little antique shop we know. AJ sat back down on it at just the wrong spot, fell off of it, and hit the corner of the coffee table with her mouth. I think one of those magnificent teeth must have bitten her lip accidentally. Screaming and blood ensued.

Then, worst of all, after her nap, Anna June was having a snack of sugar cookies in the kitchen. She was dancing along to some music her daddy was playing on the stereo. She started turning in circles. I had never seen her do this and I was off to get the camera when, bang, the poor dizzy girl had run smack into the receiving end of the kitchen's baby gate. Instantly, and frighteningly, a huge purple goose egg formed on the side of her head. We thought she may be OK, but we had both seen the velocity of our daughter upon impact and we were freaked out to say the least. She was able to talk and answer questions accurately, so I thought she would be fine, but I wanted a veteran parent's opinion. I quickly took AJ in the car back to the antique shop (and, incidentally, returned the stool). Mom and Wim both confirmed that she looked fine, and to just put ice on it. Easier said than done. She did not have a concussion, but she did have the hiccups.

I just hope the ladies at daycare believe me when they see her tomorrow.

Sorry no blog yesterday - I was in trouble with my grandma for not posting anything, even though she saw us in person today! We were offline, and it was kind of relaxing. Don't expect too many posts from me this week, either. Work is going to be crazy. I do have some new pictures to post and some video that is getting old just sitting in my camera. I hope to make time.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kitty Cat

Lately, Anna June has been obsessed with cats. Our next door neighbor has an outdoor cat, Sally. Radar HATES Sally. But AJ loves her. When Sally was being fed the other night, we just happened to be in the front yard. AJ lit up. "Cat Cat!" she said. Over and over.

Now, every time we go outside, we have to go look for the cat. Sally's not the only wandering feline on the block, so sometimes we see a white cat or a cat with a striped tail. This morning (at 6:15 am!) was no exception. While we were taking Radar out, she begged to go in the front yard, calling the cat all the way. "Cat Cat!" I think this is supposed to be "kitty cat" but that's how it comes out.

I don't like her to be disappointed, so I always tell her where I think the kitties went, if they're not around. Oh, the kitty must have gone to the grocery store. The kitty went to her nana's house. The cat went for a walk, or the cat went inside. This morning I was in the middle of telling her that the cat must have gone home when she was pointing and screaming "Cat Cat." I honestly didn't see the cat for a minute, but there he was, under the neighbor's stairs. Radar finally saw him, too, and much barking ensued.

I should have known my little girl wouldn't lie to me.

She was very disappointed, however, when I wouldn't go into the neighbor's yard to try to pet the cat with her. In fact, I had to scoop her up, crying, to bring her back in the house.

Also, Anna June has learned that she can see the kitty's bowl from her window if I open the blinds. This morning we read her book about dogs, which has a cat at the end. As soon as I said the word, she got down off my lap, ran to the window, and started banging on the blinds for me to move them for her to look for the cat again. She did this the other night, and I was sure there would be no cat. But there she was - eating! Anna June was so happy. Another time, after the blinds were already up, I lost track of AJ for a minute, but I found her in her room, happily pointing out the "Cat Cat". If Ben weren't allergic, and if we didn't have Radar the cat hater, I would go get a cat tomorrow for that baby. But instead, we'll just have to enjoy the ones that wander by.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Don't faint, but I was thinking ahead. Yesterday, without Anna June, I went shopping and bought a potty chair for her. I have heard from other moms that the thing to do is to go ahead and get one so that she can get used to the idea before it is actually time to sit her on it.

If you are grossed out about "tee-tee" and "poo-poo", just stop reading this blog right now. I'll call you back when she's potty trained in a couple of years. I have a feeling this is going to be a big part of our life for a while.

I unloaded the potty chair from the car while she was snacking in her high chair. I told her that it was for her to go tee tee and poo poo in. It was her potty.

After snack time was over, we were playing with Radar. The next thing I knew, AJ was in the bathroom, leaning up against the big potty, apparently doing what one does in a potty. At least she understands what that is.

Later she wanted me to open her potty chair and I did. She was sort of excited. I took it in the bathroom and she just sat on it while I used the bathroom (the days of going alone are over, sadly). She enjoyed sitting on it so much that she carried it all around the house, sitting on it, taking it apart and putting it back together. She did NOT want to leave it in the bathroom. I will have to try to figure out how to convince her to leave it in there. I also need to figure out where to sit it in our tiny bathroom. But the purchase has been made.

I don't plan to really try to potty train her for a few more months - she needs to be able to pull down her pants by herself, for example. But I know it will come sooner than I think, and I don't know when I will again get a weekday off where I can shop. So, one thing is off the list.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good Housekeeping

Anna June learned the word "Ew" a while back but now she is using it more effectively. Just this morning she saw a clump of hair on the bathroom floor and she said "Ew!" and backed away from it. I cleaned it up and she seemed more at ease. Then we were in the kitchen and she saw a dead bug on the floor...looks like that spray is working, Ben! "Ew!" was said and pointing and backing away ensued until the bug was safely in the trash can.

Last night at dinner Anna June absolutely would not stop saying "Uh-oh," repeatedly, each time she dropped a piece of food until we picked it up. If you've ever dined with a toddler, you know this was often.

Perhaps with her sudden aversion to mess, I will be more inspired to clean up my house!

Monday, July 13, 2009

This Weekend Was a Blur

Anna June would have had a good weekend if it hadn't been for those pesky teeth trying to come in and her runny nose. By Sunday, she had a slight fever, so we canceled all our plans and stayed home to recover. Ben and I also have sore throats and sinus issues. It hasn't been a great time at our house.

However, there are some good things about staying home. Anna June and I read tons of books this weekend, we played with Radar, got some laundry done, and spent time with Ben. We watched too much television and ate too many cookies (actually, Anna June gave them to Radar).

More good news is the sleep training is still going well. AJ slept 11 hours on Saturday night and almost did that again last night, although she did wake up needing to be held around 3 during the thunderstorm. I couldn't blame her for that! It sounded like the thunder was right on top of our house for the longest time - it shook the paintings on the walls!

We hope you have a great week!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Picture Stealer

I am not above stealing pictures off the internet of my child and other people's children! My friend Mary Hassell posted these pictures of her son Nathan's birthday party, which Anna June attended last month. She's in the background of the second one with the birthday boy, but she's quite prominent in the first one. She was interested in this little moonwalk/bounce house but she wouldn't go in. I'm glad, too, because she doesn't really know how to jump yet and I think it would have scared her when she fell down and it was difficult to get up.

The real reason I included the picture was for some perspective. Do you see how tall she is? Unbelievable!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pacifier Emergency

Anna June loves her pacifier, as readers of this blog know all too well. We're way to dependent on it at our house, even though she does just fine without it at daycare. We were down to just a couple more, and I spent some time yesterday contemplating the pros and cons of trying to get her out of the habit. But last night we had a true pacifier emergency.

Anna June went to bed with not just one, but two pacifiers in her in her mouth and a spare for later. I don't know exactly when it happened, but they fell out of the crib. At some point, probably after I woke myself up from sleeping on the couch with the dog and was getting ready for bed, Radar decided to go exploring and found her green pacifier. Just as we were getting settled in for the night, I heard chewing from under the bed. After we chased Radar around the house, squirting him with water to make him drop it, we finally recovered it. It was beyond hope so I threw it away. I was so angry with Radar, I shut him in the kitchen without his customary good night treat. He cried. I ignored him. One day he's going to be really sick and we'll take him to the vet to discover he has eaten so many plastic things he can't digest that he will die. And we will be sad. But last night I wanted to avoid the waiting and kill him myself.

At that point, I was certain the pink pacifier was still in Anna June's room. Unfortunately, at 1 am, I discovered that it was not. AJ was crying, and no amount of shushing or holding and rocking her was helping. I tried to give her a "teething pacifier", which is flat and has ridges to chew. She cried even harder, as if I had tried to give her a snake. I looked on the floor, under the mattress, and everywhere else I could get to while holding a now screaming baby. Finally, I remembered we had an "emergency" pacifier in the console in Ben's car. The handle of it has been chewed by the worst dog in Crestwood but the pacifier part is still in tact - like I said, we only saved it for an extreme emergency. I woke Ben during the crying jag to ask if it was still in the car. He didn't know.

So I carried Anna June out to the car, in the dark to find the pacifier. Luckily, it was right where it was supposed to be. Whew. Otherwise, I don't know what I would have done.

Needless to say, my lunch break will be spent buying more pacifiers!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Father's Day: Part 3. Granddaddy Jerome's House

I know this is backtracking, but I just got around to these pictures. On Father's Day, somewhere after the zoo and the library but before dinner at my parents' house, we visited my dad's parents. Granddaddy Jerome was glad to see his favorite (only) great-grandchild. He let me use their great camera so I took a bunch of pictures.

My grandmother had my old toy piano out for AJ to play with. She loved it. She also loved playing with the real piano. She danced to her own music. She clapped her hands when she finished a "song". She kept running back and forth between the little piano and the big one. Unfortunately, it only distracted her from all the beautiful breakable things in the living room for so long, so we had to cut our visit short. But we had a great time and we'll have to do it again soon.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


As I visited the dentist this morning, I realized I haven't written about Anna June's teeth in a while. She has 14, yes, you read that right, 14 teeth now. And she is still actively teething. The drool, the fussiness, the whole bit. Teeth #15 and 16 are due any minute now. It is making everyone miserable, especially her.

The teething has also made separating from the pacifier that much harder. She still has one that Radar hasn't eaten, plus two teething passies. She likes those for a while, but she really wants her "pa-pa". She took it everywhere this weekend.

However, I do like to start the day out right. This morning, I was steadfast in my rule that the passy must stay in the is only for bedtime. So, in order to keep the pacifier, she stayed in the crib. But she was standing and wanted me to hand her things.

Pointing, AJ said "mmmph" (because she wouldn't lose the paci). I kept looking around the room for what that might mean. "Do you want your bunny?" "No" (funny, I could understand that even with the impediment). "Do you want your monkey?" "No" "Do you want your book?" Nodded yes. "This book?" "No" "This book?" Nodded yes, dramatically, like, of course, now you get it, you idiot! We were both pleased for a moment, and then I got her out of the crib. She had to bring the book with her. I thought it would be great to occupy her while I changed her, dressed her and brushed her hair. The next thing I know, Anna June is chewing on the book!

"AJ, that's a library book!" Giggles. At least this time, there were no chunks out of it.

Teething is awful. I can't wait until she gets the ones she's going to get and we're through with this!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day Weekend

We had a great long weekend, and we hope everyone else did, too. Here are some things we did:

Friday we went to visit Ben at Party Time. The picture above is Anna June at his desk. They had a potluck and Ben took his version of Tucker salsa, although toned down a bit. The food was good, and there was lots of it.

Then AJ and I went to the Galleria to shop. It was a fun stroll around with no particular agenda. We traversed the whole lower has been so long since I had been there I had no idea what stores were in operation. We'll have to go back another time and do upstairs. I bought socks.

Friday night Ben and I went on a date to Davenport's Pizza. The place is so family friendly we found ourselves missing Anna June. A cute little girl at the next table had an Elmo place mat and I just was thinking, "AJ likes pizza. Why didn't we bring her?" But we did deserve a night to not have anyone (two- or four-legged) begging for our dinner. We ate a whole large pizza ourselves. When I went to get AJ from my parents' house, everyone was laughing because AJ had just stopped what she was doing, walked down the hall, got her shoes, and then got her bag like she was ready to go. Then I walked in the door as if on cue. I guess she knew she was tired.

Saturday, July 4th, we spent a relatively quiet morning at home, blowing bubbles and reading books. Then we went to Kym's house for the Lewis family celebration/late lunch. It was very good and Anna June had a great time, despite her nap being screwed up. We left in time for her to nap some more and not be too late in going to bed.

As far as patriotic/celebratory activity, when it was almost dark we lit sparklers outside. AJ liked them...I was too scared to let her hold one...but it was fun. As far as anything else goes, we had to settle for listening to Bruce Springsteen and watching a movie with a patriotic (albeit far-fetched) plot: National Treasure 2 after AJ went to bed. Well, we watched the first half of it...we were too tired to finish until nap time on Sunday.

Sunday AJ and I went to church, then she fell asleep just before lunch. Once again she only slept an hour, but this time I didn't let her take another nap. She was pretty good in spite of it. She came with us on some errands: we went to the grocery store, drugstore (sort of, they were closed!), bookstore, and Best Buy. I thought she was going to get a second nap but then she heard Ben was going to eat chips and salsa for a snack and she perked right up. I don't believe I've ever seen a one year old kid eat salsa, but she literally licked it off the chip and asked for more. Crazy.

Then Sunday for dinner we went to my parents' house for the big family gathering. We didn't get to stay too long because halfway through dinner AJ's eyes were drooping and she kept asking to get "down" from her high chair. We knew she would be tired, but we didn't realize she wouldn't even make it home in time for her bath. I think she was over tired because she didn't sleep well. At least twice I had to go in to calm her down from crying - once I had to pick her up.

The sleep disruption could also have been attributed to the pain of her "boo boo". Just before leaving to go to Mom and Dad's, AJ helped me take Radar outside. She HATES it when I go without her, despite her daddy's best efforts to entertain her. So, she came. She fell. She always falls...the ground is uneven. I believe I was holding her hand when she fell, so I was right there to pick her up. Unfortunately, she fell in the bushes. We have some strange looking thorny vines that are all over our yard, and I didn't notice right away, but she got scraped up really bad on those. That is one of the drawbacks of wearing a dress: those cute little legs are exposed! And in this case, the dress hid the wound until we got to Mom's. Drew said, "What happened to her legs?" Knowing she had a skinned knee, I said, "Oh, I don't know, she falls down all the time." He then told me I needed to look again, surely I must know what did that to the poor child. So, I looked and I was very surprised to see horrible scratches all down her leg. I did remember her screaming/crying, but I thought it was just a dramatic reaction to the fall, seeing as how she was tired. Sigh. This morning I cleaned it and put Neosporin on it. She kept saying "no" and "boo boo". I eventually changed her clothes to put long pants over it because when I sat her in the high chair she screamed. I also gave her Tylenol to take the edge off the pain. It really does look awful.

Here are some more cheery Anna June developments from the weekend:
- She is saying "Radar" more clearly. It comes out as "Dawdar" but it is definitely more consistent and you can tell who she is calling.
- She went through and checked all her baby dolls for "poo poo". It was so cute.
- She loves it when we read to her. Right now her favorites are "Dog", an interactive pull-tab book, and "Good Night, Gorilla". She can point out the gorilla on every page.
- She likes baked beans, fried okra, and now corn on the cob. (She ate some Saturday, but not on Sunday because it was too "hot")
- She was restless in church and got her diaper bag, put it on her arm, said "Bye" and tried to leave. Luckily, Grandma Annette caught her at the end of the pew and Miss Melanie took her to the nursery.
- She likes to run laps at my parents' house: from the den to the dining room to the living room then through the hallway back to the den. It was highly entertaining to her great grandparents, and good exercise for me.

Something new every day.

Friday, July 3, 2009

For Those of You Keeping Score at Home

Yes, I have more pictures, but no, I'm not ready to post them yet.

I'm enjoying the first day of our three-day holiday weekend but things are not much different today than any other weekend day AJ and I are left to our own devices. Here's an example of how it generally goes:

I attempt to occupy Anna June by giving her something to play with, like bowls in the kitchen. Stupidly I think I can quickly wash a sink full of dirty dishes while she does this. She loses interest in the bowls and goes to play with Radar. Radar loses interest in her and she gets interested in his food. I have to stop washing dishes, grab the dog food out of her hands with my wet soapy hands, and return her to the bowls. I get the water running again and turn around to find that she's climbed up in the kitchen chair to start nibbling my bagel or reach for my glass. Stop washing again, reprimand, redirect.

So by the end of this, there is a sink full of dishes wet and still dirty, a stack of bowls on the floor, dog food on the floor, spilled whatever she took off the table. That's just a fifteen minute session in the kitchen.

She just went down for a nap and I sat down at the computer. Radar started barking, so I took him outside...I am worn out and if that dog cuts her nap short AGAIN I will be so upset. When we came back, I gave him a treat, I grabbed the Nilla Wafers and came in to finish blogging. Now, he's begging for the cookies. Dang dog. I don't know if I'll ever get anything done today.

Welcome to motherhood, right?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Too Sweet

While I'm glad that today's the last day of work before a long weekend, I actually have a deadline at work that I'll have to take care of right away, so the post I was going to do will have to wait. But since I stole this picture from the Becks' blog, I will just post it. It is Anna June and Sipsey at the library's special outdoor event on Tuesday night.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Go Go Go Girl!

I haven't counted up the number of words Anna June has in her vocabulary, but it grows daily. One of my favorites is "Go!" It is a good thing she knows this word now, because we are always asking her to go places. Last night we decided to go to the library for a special event with the Bama Air Dogs (hopefully more on that when I get the pictures). Tonight we're going to church for the first time in a couple of weeks. We skipped two weeks in a row, to go to the zoo and to go pick up her daddy from the airport. I will be off on Friday, and I am sure we will have to go lots of places. Then on Saturday we will go to Columbiana and Sunday we will go to my mom's.

When Radar is in the kitchen, blocked by our enormous baby gate, I open it partially to get AJ to walk through. I want her to hurry and walk through before our crafty doggy can sneak through and avoid returning to his place. "Go Go Go!" I say. And Anna June says, "Go Go Go!" and runs through.

I find myself chasing Anna June everywhere. When it was time to go to school this morning, she ran around the car, making me grab her up to get her in the car seat. Besides "Sit on your bottom, Anna June," the next most frequently heard phrase in my house is "Come here, Anna June!" She always wants to go where she shouldn't...climbing on things, standing in chairs, away from my sight, away from my grasp.

Last night, finally, around 9:00 when she was winding down, I said, "It is time to go night-night." And she nodded her head. Finally, a place we both wanted to go.