Monday, November 24, 2014


Sometimes I wonder about the world Anna June is growing up in. There is a lot of negativity going on tonight: in Ferguson, on television, on the internet, and everywhere. I'm just going to leave this picture right here and meditate for a second on what is good.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Anna June came with me to shop for a hat on Thursday night, after my silk scarf slipped all day. We are pretty pleased with the results, although AJ disapproved of everything.
My coworkers had crazy reactions. You would think they had never seen a hat before. I gave anyone who laughed an earful.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014


Anna June won this puzzle with her tickets at the arcade at Disney World. She put it together all by herself the other day while we were doing something else. She is getting to be a puzzle expert.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Football Ambivalence

Anna June is growing up in a weird place: an ambivalent household in a land of football culture.

Ben and I have always been sports fans, but only moderately. Baseball is clearly our favorite sport, and even though I'm a Braves fan, through the magic of the internet, we've been watching Brewers games for the past couple of seasons and AJ and I can certainly name more Brewers players than Braves.

Let's pause for a moment while I sigh a resigned sigh.

Anyway, football has been fine, but there's always been something about it that has been a little off-putting.

We're Alabama fans when we have to choose, but honestly, we root for UAB, our alma mater, when it comes to college football. Our program is in danger of closing, through a complicated political and financial assessment process that is ongoing. There has been a lot of buzz in the past few weeks about saving it - and athletics in general at our university - and it almost feels like a battle cry. On top of that, I got free tickets because I'm an employee. I almost feel like I HAVE to go to the game tomorrow.

Except I don't.

It's No-vember, after all.

I do believe that one person makes a difference, and a sea of UAB green will both intimidate and impress visiting undefeated Marshall, a conference rival.

Earlier this season, I read this article by local blogger Wade Kwon, and I tweeted to him that I wish I had written this myself. I can identify with his disgust with all the aspects of the game he mentions.

Then, my high school friend Matthew Goldenberg wrote this piece in the Yale Daily News. If you can get past how Yale-specific it is, he makes the point that we should be doing more to make the game safer.

And I am even working with a grant that partners with the NFL, interested in advancing the health (and safety) of young African-American men. Because the grant was awarded in Minnesota, the partnership is specifically with the Minnesota Vikings (hold your booing), but should expand across the NFL in time.

I don't hate football.

But I may have better things to do.

Like nothing.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

No Progress

For years I have been complaining that Anna June does everything well except sleep. Unfortunately, this is still the case.

We have not had night terrors lately, but the nightmares are bad enough. Often, she will call out for me in the middle of the night and not even wake up, but then, I am awake.

The worst is actually getting to bed. She has FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) worse than I do, and we just go get in our bed and turn out the lights when we put her to bed. Then, pretty much, we fall asleep, as we're exhausted from the night off interrupted sleep before. This pretending to go to bed ourselves does not work, as she pops back up in our room over and over. Tonight we thought we could have a conversation while sequestered, but she came in to announce we were being too loud. Sometimes we think we could do something calm, like watch TV, but she keeps coming back up like a Jack-in-the-box, causing us to pause repeatedly. Not worth it.

We calm her, we do routines, we tell her she is loved and safe. If she stays in the bed she calls out for me repeatedly.

We have bribed. We have threatened. We have taken things away. We have tried closing doors. We can't get her to go to sleep.

She feels the frustration, too. Tonight she called me in there to ask me, "How do you go to sleep?" I told her the same thing I tell her every time: be still and quiet. It may not be working. I'm scared to look.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Misery Loves Blogging

I asked Anna June if she is would like to blog tonight.
"No," she said. "I'm too happy to blog."
I still don't know what she was happy about, but if she's happy, I am happy.
In other news, I had (another) cyst surgically removed from my scalp on Tuesday. Because of the delicate skin, the dermatologist was able to put a couple of stitches in, but then had to use staples. Nothing like holding your head together with office products. It does hurt but I am fine, otherwise. AJ and Ben did not like the scarf configuration I chose. I tried again today and did better.
I hope your day is much better.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

That Time Already?

Anna June had fun taking over the blog for the past three days. It may become a regular thing, but tonight, we were doing some Pinterest searches related to a friend's upcoming holiday party and we lost track of time.
AJ liked deciding what to write about. I liked this, too, as it took the pressure off me - at least I knew she would approve.
She told me that, as an introvert, she does not especially like being blogged about. But she did not mind blogging about me, for example. She wanted to write about toilet papering the living room until her dad told her I had already posted about that. She deleted her draft and started over, this time writing a tutorial rather than something more personal.
But I am ignoring her wishes because I need to brag about her. As you know, she made all A's the first nine weeks of school. Recently, they had an awards day, honoring the kids who made honor roll. AJ was the only one in her class that made all A's! That was worth going for!
Anyway, the next nine weeks is already half over, and AJ got her progress report today. She got all A's again! I will never stop being proud of her for this.
Maybe she will be back discussing something less personal tomorrow.

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